Cuban Americans USAID financed Cuba news - Casket ready to come apart before burial

Posted March 04, 2005 by publisher in Cuban Americans.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Rigoberto González Morales, Cubanacán Press

The grieving relatives of Bienvenida Moreno, deceased at age 83, were too worn-out to protest by the time a funeral-home employee pointed out her poorly-made casket was about to lose its bottom.

Just before the appointed time at which the funeral procession was to
leave Camacho funeral home in Santa Clara, an employee summoned the
service coordinator and pointed out the government-supplied casket was not likely to make it to burial in one piece; its bottom was apparently
ready to let go.

The service coordinator determined that no matter; all that had to be
done was to pick up the casket by its bottom so that it would not break.
When it was put in the hearse, the coordinator instructed funeral
personnel: Handle with care and do not tilt.

The caskets, made by the Santa Clara casket factory, uses the lowest
quality materials, usually a local pine, mango, or even kapok wood. There
are few frills, and the assembly is also of shoddy quality.

Moreno died after two days in hospital. Relatives had to endure an
unexplained wait of over six hours for the body to be released from the

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On March 05, 2005, publisher wrote:

Remember, US citizens are financing to report all the bad news they can find in Cuba. This story, stories about anti-Castro graffiti, entrepreneurs fined for not having the right papers etc. are the norm for the “horrors” of living under Castro.

Odd that I don’t think I have read about one murder reported via How many people are murdered every day in the US?

On March 08, 2005, Cubana wrote:

Publisher: It is not the case of “reporting all the bad news they can find in Cuba” rather reporting on real life there, stories you will not find in Granma!

As regards not reading about one murder reported via I can remember several, including the tourists who were murdered on the autopista between Havana and Santa Clara. However, murder is still rare in Cuba, partly because only the Cuban government is allowed to own firearms. I think the number of people murdered in the US has more to do with your ridiculous gun laws and the power of the National Rifle Association!