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Castro says Cuba doesn’t need United States

Posted February 03, 2005 by mattlawrence in Cuban Americans.

Fidel Castro calls Bush ‘deranged’ and belittles improvements in Cuba’s relations with Europe.

By VANESSA ARRINGTON | Associated Press

In his first public remarks since the United States dubbed Cuba an outpost of tyranny, Fidel Castro called President Bush ‘‘deranged’’ and belittled improvements in relations between Cuba and Europe.

In a televised address late Tuesday, Castro maintained his trademark go-it-alone attitude, saying his communist-run island is a paradise that is doing fine without the help of the United States or Europe.

Cuba ‘‘doesn’t need the United States. It doesn’t need Europe,’’ he said. ``What a wonderful thing to be able to say, that [Cuba] doesn’t need any assistance—it’s learned to live without it.’’

Speaking at an international pedagogy conference in Havana, Castro referred briefly to comments by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who last month identified Cuba, Myanmar, Belarus and Zimbabwe as ‘‘outposts of tyranny’’ that would require close U.S. attention. He said if the mission of Bush’s administration was to crush tyranny, ``our mission is to defeat empires.’‘

The Cuban leader, wearing his olive green military uniform, linked Bush’s government to corruption and torture. He said he closely watched the U.S. leader’s inauguration speech and saw ``the face of a deranged person.’‘

‘‘If only it were just the face,’’ he said to roars of applause by educators from 52 countries at the conference.

The Cuban leader also warned against a potential invasion by the United States, a theme often repeated in public addresses.

Washington has said repeatedly it has no plans to attack the Caribbean island.

Castro defended Cuba’s socialist system, which the Bush administration has said should be replaced with a democratic, free-market one.

‘‘This country is heaven, in the spiritual sense of the word,’’ he said. ``And I say [to Bush], we prefer to die in heaven than survive in hell.’‘

Castro, 78, expressed displeasure for the EU’s decision this week to make lifting of sanctions on Cuba temporary.

Under the decision, high-level governmental visits will resume but embassies will stop inviting Cuban dissidents to their gatherings in Havana.

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On February 04, 2005, I-taoist wrote:

The pot called the kettle black and both exchanged insults, to the roaring applause of their respective audiences.  Beginning their evening meal of steak and lobster the pot’ guest relished the “fruits” of the revolution.  In the meantime, families all over the “socialist revolutionary paradise” sat down to a supper of white rice and two chicken legs, shared by five. 

And to the north, the empire building kettles cozied up to lobster and steak with all the trimmings, surrounded by admiring eyes and subservient postures.

Smug in their mutual self-rightousness both parties quafted toasts “To the people!”

On February 04, 2005, mattlawrence wrote:

Truer words have never been spoken.
I describe that exact “family meal” in my book; Dying To Get Here: A Story of Coming To America.

Cuban food? No such thing!

Matt Lawrence
Author, Dying To Get Here
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On February 05, 2005, cajio wrote:

Castro says Cuba doesn’t need U.S….., Castro says Cuba doesnít need Russia, Castro says Cuba doesnít need China, Castro says Cuba doesnít need Iran. Castro says Cuba doesnít need Venezuela.  Castro says Cuba doesnít needů“ANYBODY

But, it is Cuba not Castro, the one paying the consequences.