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How Are Hispanics Shopping?

Posted July 14, 2004 by publisher in Cuban Americans.


Notable differences in the shopping behavior of Hispanics and whites exist, reports BIGresearch, as just 20.5% of Hispanics say they shop for women’s clothes in discount stores whereas 29.5% of whites say the same.

The top two retail outlets for women’s clothing are the same for whites and Hispanics, but after that, preferences differ.

Hispanics’ preferences for women’s clothing go as follows:


For whites, however, the top five choices for women’s clothing retail
outlets are:



Furthermore, though Hispanics and whites both shop most often at Best Buy for home electronics, more Hispanics (36.5%) than whites (30.4%) choose the retail outlet. The situation is the same for Hispanics versus whites and home improvement and hardware stores. BIGresearch finds just 35.7% of whites primarily shop at Home Depot for home improvement and hardware products whereas 47.8% of Hispanics choose the retailer.

The BIGresearch findings are from its May Consumer Intentions and Action survey of 7,400 US consumers.

Understanding Hispanics preferences for shopping offline is just as important in the online environment. eMarketer expects there will be over 13 million US Hispanic Internet users by the end of this year. Research from America Online and Roper ASW finds that the items Hispanics buy online mirror the popular items purchased by the entire Internet population, except for apparel and computer hardware and software. Fewer Hispanics buy apparel and computer equipment online than the general Internet population.

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