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Millions to be spent on getting Arizona Hispanics to vote

Posted June 22, 2004 by publisher in Cuban Americans.

Associated Press

Two nonpartisan groups are spending millions of dollars to court the Hispanic vote in Arizona.

Director of Project Vote Dave Leland says his group will spend about $1.8 million to register 140,000 Arizona Latinos.
The Moving America Forward Foundation is pledging to raise $1 million to register 80,000.

Dozens of workers are going to grocery stores, state government offices, laundrymats and pedestrian thoroughfares in Hispanic neighbordhoods to register the voters.

Organizers say that closer to Election Day, the workers will go to Hispanic neighborhoods to court new voters.

Latinos make up 25.3% of the state’s more than 5 million residents.
A little more than 300,000 were registered to vote in 2000.

Member Comments

On June 22, 2004, publisher wrote:

So let’ see, that’ $2,800,000 divided by 220,000 people or $12.73 per vote.

They should just go around handing out $10 bills with “Vote for Me” on them. They’d probably get even more votes!

I wonder if Hispanics will be responsible for putting Bush or Kerry over the top in the election.