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Hispanic Purchasing Power Surges to $700 Billion

Posted May 25, 2004 by publisher in Cuban Americans.


U.S. Hispanic purchasing power has surged to nearly $700 billion and is projected to reach as much as $1 trillion by 2010, according to new estimates by HispanTelligenceŽ.


The rate of growth is nearly three times the overall national rate over the past decade and will propel the aggregate disposable income of the nation’s largest minority group to $699.78 billion in 2004, according to a HispanTelligenceŽ analysis of data recently released by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

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On May 26, 2004, publisher wrote:

Well, that’ a chart that doesn’t seem to be rounding off any time soon.

When the Embargo is lifted, a wave of Hispanic culture will sweep across the US. First in Miami then to California, New Mexico, Arizona etc. Then, I think urban culture will embrace the music, dance and food of Cuban culture.

Mojito anyone?