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Advertisers Missing out on English-dominant Hispanics

Posted April 25, 2004 by publisher in Cuban Americans.


According to a recent survey conducted by Hispanic Business magazine, the top 25 Hispanic-advertising agencies spend approximately 90 percent of their total billings on Spanish-language advertisements. There are a number of indications, however, that a large segment of the U.S. Hispanic population spends their media viewing and listening time on English-language products.

The English-language market for U.S. Hispanics is especially notable in magazine readership and the Internet. According to People En Espanol’s “Hispanic Opinion Tracker,” while 78 percent of Hispanics read magazines in Spanish, 83 percent of Hispanics also read them in English. ComScore Media Metrix reports that only 21 percent of Hispanic Internet users prefer Spanish-language sites, while 52 percent prefer English language and 28 percent use both equally. These findings, along with additional statistics reported by the Pew Hispanic Center, suggest that the language used in advertising to Hispanics is just as critical as the medium.

U.S. Hispanic Internet Population by Language Preference
Language PreferenceUnique Users (000)% of U.S. Hispanic
Internet Population
Total U.S. Hispanic Population 12,556     100%
Spanish Preferred 2,593                   21%
Equal Use of Spanish or English 3,465     28%
English Preferred 6,509                   52%

Source: Comscore Media Metrix, Septem

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