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Posted March 29, 2006 by bobbi in Cuban American Politics

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The key to gain power for Hispanics in America

1.To get favorable immigration policies for legal and illegal immigrates

2. Dominate the lower economic worker force and Middle Class

3. Organize new workers into Unions

4. Legalize as citizen as possible with American Citizenship

5. Vote for political Worker parties like the Democrats

1. Republian have control of the House, Senate, Governor ship, and the Supreme court they are anti-worker and pro-cheat foreign workers but when they Unionize they very much against them. Leftist socialist worker will get favorable immigration policies because country has no other choice but to let all these worker into the country or else they will be fighting many wars in Latin America from leftist socialist countries, which will included Mexico this year.

2. Hispanic are now in the process of dominating the lower economic work force if other groups such afro-americans are oppose to Hispanic because of racial reason just think if the Mexican were Haitians the out come would be the same. Basicially Bussiness are looking for the cheapest labor always. Hispanic are the large groups of organize and unorganized workers that they have the power to flood this country with immigrates or refugees from Latin America if the go to war.

3. Once Hispanic have dominate the work force in the lower and middle class. Then it is time to oraganize because then they will have the numbers to shut down the country if need too. The Mexican plight is very similar to the Afro-American and lower economic ethnic workers. But the Mexican or the Hispanic are the most powerful there for they should be the leader in the future of Unionizing. The goal is a free politically elected union.

4. Once Mexicans and other Hispanic become fully American Citizen they are going to natural want better for themselves and their family. This means that want job sercurity, stable income, better schools for their kids and health care and good retirement plan. This means that want to Unionize to garuantee job security. Because you not properly plan a career, a family, buying home or car, if you don’t have job security, so unionize workers and becoming an voting American citizen should be priority to illegal, or Green Card holding his Hispanics.

5. Politically vote lower, middle and high enconmic Hispanic should vote for politician who pro-immigrates, pro-Hispanic and pro-worker. Hispanic should the Political leader such Ceasar Chavez, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Ghandi and others who were originally support by Socialist and Communist other left wing group how have been pro-worker in the 1950ths with Mc Carthism, 1960ths Civil Rights, 1970 when Minorities Unionize. In the 1980th was about era Regan and the destruction of the Union. 1990ths Unions made come back with President Clinton. In the late 1990th to 2003 was almost the end or Unions. Now Union now again reorganizing again. The Demcratic Party from Roosevelt, JFK, Carter, Clinton have been pro-worker and pro-minority and strong social democrats. They believe in a strong worker force,  Big government to take care of the people needs such Health, School, Police, Fire, and Roads and Construction, and foreign policies that is pro-worker.

  1. Follow up post #1 added on March 30, 2006 by Ralph

    That sounds great,but it is a sort of moon dream and it is obvious that
    hispanics are not a compact front or homogeneous group,but it is a split
    one,then all what i read above fall short of being realistic.

  2. Follow up post #2 added on March 30, 2006 by Bernie

    Big problem is that they will get a crerdit card, go into debt and be just like the typical gringo who has to much debt to go out on strike.

  3. Follow up post #3 added on March 30, 2006 by bobbi with 83 total posts

    There are more then enough unscrupples cridet loan with who lean them all the money want to buy a car or house or whatever with very high interest rates so they never pay there debts and if the are lucky enough or discipline enough through out years to pay thier debts off they will find out the will pay twice much everybody else.

    In the future the majority of Hispanics will swing to the left, Now if some Cubans want to be the only hispanic to the right then you might have relocate to another state , because Florida will be blue state in the future. If Hispanic Unionize or not it doesn’t matter because all they have to is dominate the work force first low tech then later like the Asian, the high tech jobs.  Contrary to most people beliefs, there are plenty of educated hispanic’s waiting to take those high tech jobs too.  Hispanic need to be in party were the have they the numbers to dominate party and don’t have to be in a mostly all white racist party like the republicians. The party need to representing the growing needs of the up and coming minorities like Hispanicis. I know there are some Cuban republician that are far to the right because of Castro and Pro NAFTA and CAFTA that have did nothing but hurt the workers in Latin America and workers in America.  Mexico next Leftist President want do a with Free Trade Agreements.  Castro will go soon because he is a old man but Latin America will still be left and Cuban America will not only be agianst Castro but with right wing view the will be agianst the whole of Latin America and the will of Hispanic people.

  4. Follow up post #4 added on March 31, 2006 by bobbi with 83 total posts

    It is very hard to me a future for Union in United States in the same state that is now because the average Bussiness man want cheap labor to cut labor cost, health care cost and retirement. Both legal and illegal immigrates are feeding that supply and Unions are not happy. With the lost of Steel, Car Manufacturing, and Construction Jobs. Because of out sourcing and cheap immigrate labor are finding hard to survive in it present form now. So they have to adapt and except only so many people form certian jobs can be Unionize others cannot. not be. The America work may just be expensive to afford for the average bussiness. France was very Labor and Union friendly but it is still have problems it Unions on the right to firer undesirable workers. America is Gutted from the end side and what will happen to it afterward is anybody guess. I guess it will become second world country and socialist.

  5. Follow up post #5 added on April 02, 2006 by bobbi with 83 total posts

    The United States is being turning to a socialist country, the lower middle class and the middle class period will be working for lower wages with government sponsor health care, a dol or European style welfare system.  America just like Latin America is becoming socialize. The only way that America workers are going to complete with the rest of the world is to become like the rest of the world , that is socialist. Latin America and America is transition from Capitalist encomny to a Socialist enconmy.

  6. Follow up post #6 added on April 11, 2006 by Ralph

    All what you see as at now, in Latin American, is just Populism,no Socialism,
    in a very large scale is a Caudillismo,what was a customary figure in the polictical scenery in the past in Latin American,the direct cause of that is—-
    the desperation of the vast majority,due to,among others,the lack of good
    policy from Usa,but is not last,and in four year or so the trends will be changing to the right as a sad cycle.

  7. Follow up post #7 added on April 11, 2006 by bobbi with 83 total posts

    You Keep thing it is four year trend, It not a trend it is socialist revelution for our oppress people not just in Latin America but the world. Look what happen in the Israeli and Italian elections. Capitalism had it turn and now it is socialism turn and yes it a sad cycle because Capitalist have screw up this world and now it is up to Socialist to pick up the pieces.

  8. Follow up post #8 added on June 14, 2006 by La Americana Hispana with 1 total posts

    Bobbi, learn english.

  9. Follow up post #9 added on June 15, 2006 by bobbi with 83 total posts

    You got the Jest of what I said and the is Socialism is taken over Israeli and Italian and Catholic have fallen Mexico is next.

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