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Posted March 16, 2005 by publisher in Cuban Americans

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The Honorable Kathleen Blanco
Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 94004
Baton Rouge, LA 70804

Dear Governor Blanco:

I find it revolting that you want the great state of Louisiana to do business with an anti-American, narco-trafficking, terrorist regime while our nation is at war against global terrorism. In case you didnt know, Castros communist regime is one of six nations on the State Departments list of state sponsors of terrorism. Maybe youve heard of theothers on that list: Iran, Syria, Libya, North Korea, and Sudan.

Less than a decade ago, Cuba shot down two unarmed civilian American planes overinternational airspace, killing American citizens. Just within the past few years, a federal jury convicted seven Cuban agents of espionage against the United States, including attempts to infiltrate a U.S. military command post. Also, a Defense Intelligence Agency senior analyst was arrested and confessed to providing classified information about U.S.
military exercises and other sensitive operations to the Cuban dictatorship.

Castro continues to have a long history of accommodating and supporting terrorist groups including but not limited to FARC, ETA, Hezbollah and IRA. He also harbors multiple fugitives from U.S. justice including kidnappers, hijackers, murderers and cop killers.

State Department officials have asserted that Castros government “has at least a limited developmental offensive biological warfare research and development effort.” Furthermore, Cuba used agents to set up false leads with the intention of impeding post-September 11thinvestigations by U.S. intelligence of terrorist activities. And, in 2001, Castro visited Iran where he declared that Cuba and Iran would “bring the United States to its knees.”

But perhaps you dont care about terrorism or national security. Then what about human rights?

Amnesty International has declared Cuba the country with the largest number of prisoners of conscience in the world. I am sure you know that two years ago, Castro jailed 79 political dissidents - mock trials, no debates, no justice. Many were imprisoned because they had a Canon copier or a book about Martin Luther King, both of which are [url=http://www.house.gov/mariodiaz-balart]http://www.house.gov/mariodiaz-balart[/url] banned by the terrorist regime. These brave souls were added to the hundreds already unjustly locked away.

When you went to Cuba, instead of hobnobbing with members of an oppressive anti-American terrorist regime, did you demand that Castro release the librarians and other prisoners of conscience that fill his gulags? Did you try to visit courageous dissidents like Dr. Oscar Biscet and Dr. Marta Beatriz Roque? If you had, you would have learned that the Cuban people understand and support current U.S. policy to liberate Cuba, and they strongly oppose efforts like yours that would help the brutal anti-American regime remain in power.

Evidently, you do not share their conviction. According to news reports, as you proudly signed a trade deal with a terrorist state you said, “I want to tell you that were very proud to be here,” and then added that “The people of Louisiana wish to say to the people of Cuba. . . much love and respect is extended across the Gulf of Mexico.” I am appalled that a governor of such a wonderful freedom-loving state would disregard U.S. national security and rhetorically slap the oppressed and abused Cuban dissidents as you did.

Just as insulting is how you excused your dining with a terrorist tyrant by saying that “it might be a bit awkward” if a business group visited Louisiana but refused to have lunch with you as the states governor. How can you compare a democratically elected governor to an anti-American terrorist tyrant? Perhaps, after reflection, you can see why your analogy is pathetic and absurd. Do you jail thousands of Louisianans because they love freedom? Do you actively try to subvert the U.S. government? Are you working with Iran to “bring the United States to its knees”? Of course not and I think this worldsapart difference is something “Louisiana citizens all understand,” as you put it.

As to the overall purpose of your trip, I most certainly encourage you to look for trade opportunities with Caribbean and Latin American countries. As your states governor, it is your right and duty to do so. I agree that trade would be good for both Louisiana and for those countries. But trade with Cuba ultimately helps a terrorist thug and does nothing to help free the Cuban people from Castros communist vice-grip.

  1. Follow up post #1 added on March 16, 2005 by publisher with 3905 total posts

    Representative Diaz-Balart will have to send this same letter to CANF when they return from Cuba.

    Cuba consulting services

  2. Follow up post #2 added on March 16, 2005 by YoungCuban with 409 total posts

    I sent an email to Governor Blanco for having the intelligence and courage to take a stand against the 40+ year bogus embargo,she should be rewared for her efforts and not be bashed by the likes of Diaz-Balart who have done absolutely nothing for Cuba through their “get rich” schemes they call anti-Castro organizations!

    I’d like to send a heart felt message to Diaz Balart in a manner in which many may or may not agree with.

    %&#! You Balart!

    You DO NOT represent every Cuban in America!

    Sorry about the outbreak I am just sick and tired of all this crap, I am tired of reading dirt being spewed by the likes of Diaz Balart,it sure is easy to sit there and support restrictions while nobody in your family is in Cuba anymore.

    You know reading Cuban history one can say many upon many Cubans were truly great men who gave their lives for their country, now what can anyone say about people like Diaz-Balart?


  3. Follow up post #3 added on March 16, 2005 by Cubana with 282 total posts

    YoungCuban and publisher:

    You may be interested in this response to Mr Diaz-Balart’ letter:

    Dear Bayou Buzz Readers,

    You need to know that the outrageous inflammatory letter written by Lincoln Diaz-Balart reflects the opinion of a small but vocal minority of people in Miami who are unable to move past their hatred of Castro and see what is best for the Cuban and American people. Their hearts and minds are so full of fury they cant think straight. They attempt to hold us hostage, making it impossible for Americans to freely travel and thereby demonstrate firsthand to the Cuban people the many benefits of democracy. The embargo is a FAILED policy, 40+ years have proven it.

    I am embarassed, ashamed, and outraged that Diaz-Balart would lambast your Governor in this way. Its revolting and does NOT reflect the views of average Floridians. Businesses and people have been moving out of Miami for years because of this kind of maniacal behavior encouraged by the Cuban American National Foundation, a big bunch of bullying thugs themselves.

    I hope Louisiana does a good business in Cuba and that the Cuban people benefit from your trade. Castros regime is no worse than many other dictatorial countries we deal with all over the world. Diaz-Balart is so disconnected from reality, its pathetic.

    Governor Blanco is doing the right thing for your state.


    Cameron Donaldson

    Melbourne, Florida

  4. Follow up post #4 added on March 16, 2005 by johnjames with 30 total posts

    Thanks Young Cuban and others for your emphatic responses to Gusanisimo Diaz-Balart, a true Nazi hate monger and disgusting LIAR! The primary goal of those maggot-mucous Miami scum is to reclaim their beachfront properties in Cuba and they disguise their selfish, greedy motives with pathetic “freedom-loving” cliches. Meanwhile, these disgusting maggots make money hand-over-fist doing business with China, the most horrifically brutal regime on the face of the earth. But maggot-boy Diaz-Balart conveniently sidesteps this grotesque hypocrisy. God Bless Gov. Blanco!! And all I have to say to Diaz-Balart and the rest of those Miami vermin is rot in hell you Nazi goons!!!!!

  5. Follow up post #5 added on March 17, 2005 by I-taoist with 213 total posts

    Brother Mario’ diatribe certainly exemplifies the virulence and gut-level, white-hot hatred felt by many of the older generation Cuban-Americans toward “El Jefe.”  Yet, his very words reveal why he has lost perspective on the issue of Cuba-American relations.  The issue is not one of embracing or rejecting Castro, the issue is whether or not our policy of isolation and embargo helps or hurts average Cubans in their daily lives, and whether or not our policies actually benefit the communists and Castro.  For those of us who argue that Castro is much more helped than hurt by our policies, and most of us have been to Cuba personally, the truth is self evident.  We maintain that a change in policy is necessary for the undermining of the Castro regime and ultimately the liberation of Cubans.  Brother Mario, it should be noted, has never stepped foot on Cuba, nor walked her streets, not visited with the folks that live there.  Me thinks he is therefore guilty of Isabella’ Axiom—-“most assured about that which he knows the least.”

  6. Follow up post #6 added on March 17, 2005 by jesusp with 246 total posts

    I am sure Gov. Blanco will do the right thing and totally ignore and disregard such a wothless letter. For my part, I applaude her efforts on behalf of her State and her open-mindness with respect to Cuba.

  7. Follow up post #7 added on March 17, 2005 by Dana Garrett with 252 total posts

    Cubana summed up in one sentence the pathology that has dominated the exile hardliners for over 40 years: “Their hearts and minds are so full of fury they cant think straight.”

    That’ it exactly.

  8. Follow up post #8 added on March 17, 2005 by YoungCuban with 409 total posts

    Cubans like Diaz Balart are the kind that give Cubans a bad name, many Cubans are known as “Habla Mierdas” and I can see why.

    It is these egomaniacs like Diaz Balart who have never set foot in Cuba yet continue to support the starvation of Cuba that has given Cubans a bad name,Washington I think has noticed this in recent years and has used it to their advantage to maintain “Puppets” like the Balarts in check as their do boys and girls rather then being any true force to be recond with,Washington ALLOWS these Puppets to THINK they make a difference and as if they really mattered to Washington,but at the same time I do not think they even care as long as they can continue to live like Kings & Queens off the sacrifices of Cubans in Cuba and in exile.

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