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Posted December 17, 2005 by publisher in Cuban American Culture

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Hispanics in America reveal that the more acculturated they become, the more they take on American eating habits, according to The NPD Group’s At the Table with Hispanic Families across America report. With acculturation comes an increased focus on quick and convenient meals and a movement away from foods traditionally preferred by Hispanics.

Results of the study show that eggs, tea, chips, potatoes, and frozen dinners/entrees/pot pies/sandwiches are foods that become more popular as Hispanics acculturate. Leaf salads, fresh vegetables, fruit juice, milk, tortillas, and fresh fruit are foods that become less popular with acculturation. NPD also saw a decline in ‘cooking from scratch.’

Scratch Cooking Becomes a Dying Art as Hispanics Acculturate

Hispanics are more likely to cook from scratch than non-Hispanics; however, the importance of homemade cooking declines as Hispanics acculturate. Even the most acculturated Hispanics cook from scratch more often than the general population though.

—Soup is the most popular dish made from scratch among the least acculturated Hispanics.

—Least acculturated Hispanics prepare homemade soup nearly three times as often as non-Hispanics, but this rate drops off dramatically with acculturation.

—Hispanics are twice as likely to use spices/seasonings in the home than non-Hispanics.

—Spice/seasoning usage drops off by half among the most acculturated group, over the least acculturated group.

—Garlic is the most popular spice used by Hispanics and non-Hispanics, but Hispanics use it nearly three times more often.

Hispanics Have a Love Affair with Eggs

While most people typically eat eggs at breakfast, Hispanics are more likely than non-Hispanics to eat eggs at lunch and dinner as well. The least acculturated Hispanics eat eggs at the same rate as the general population, however they become heavier consumers as they become acculturated. Another difference is that the least acculturated Hispanics mix vegetables into their eggs, which is not a common practice for non-Hispanics.

Leaf Salads at Lunch Drop as Hispanics Become Acculturated

Hispanics are nearly twice as likely as non-Hispanics to eat leaf salads at lunch. The least acculturated Hispanics, as well as somewhat acculturated Hispanics, share this preference, however U.S.-born Hispanics do not. While leaf salads at lunch lose favor with Hispanics as they acculturate, chips grow in prominence with Hispanic acculturation.

Hispanics’ Food Preferences at Restaurants Differ from non-Hispanics

At quick service restaurants, total Hispanics typically order eggs, pancakes and sausage more often than non-Hispanics at breakfast. Burgers and chicken sandwiches are ordered more often by total Hispanics than non-Hispanics at lunch, and ham, chicken nuggets and burritos/tacos are ordered more often by total Hispanics than non-Hispanics at dinner. Carbonated soft drinks and juice are more popular beverages among Hispanics as well.

“As we continue to learn about the impact of the Hispanic market in the U.S., we also recognize the influences of America’s eating patterns on Hispanics,” said Ann Hanson, Director, The NPD Group. She adds, “the various levels of acculturation are a good indication of how Hispanics incorporate a more ‘American’ way of eating.”

The NPD Group’s At the Table with Hispanic Families across America

Conducted by The NPD Group, At The Table with Hispanic Families Across America is an analysis of information collected during a yearlong study, during which Hispanic households reported their meals and snacks both in and away from home. Both Spanish and English language dominant Hispanics participated. The information in the report can be used to create stronger Hispanic marketing programs, and as input into product development strategies.

About The NPD Group, Inc.

Since 1967 The NPD Group has provided reliable and comprehensive consumer and retail information for a wide range of industries. Today more than 1,400 manufacturers and retailers rely on NPD to help them better understand their customers, product categories, distribution channels and competition in order to help guide their business. Information from The NPD Group is available for the following major vertical sectors: apparel, appliances, automotive, beauty, consumer electronics, food and beverage, foodservice, footwear, home improvement, housewares, imaging, information technology, music, software, travel, toys, video games, and wireless. For more information visit http://www.npd.com/

NPD Foodworld(R), a division of The NPD Group, is the leading provider of food consumption patterns at restaurants and at home. NPD provides sales and marketing information for manufacturers, operators and retailers in the food, beverage and foodservice industries. Today more than 90-percent of the nation’s leading food and beverage manufacturers and restaurant operators rely on NPD Foodworld.

The NPD Group, Inc.
Caryn Portnoy, 516-625-2443
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Dora Radwick, 516-625-6190
Dora .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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