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Lincoln Diaz-Balart leaves Congress to start White Rose to aid dissent in Cuba

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban American Politics

George Diaz Miami Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart used to enter his Capitol Hill office each morning sounding a battle cry for the U.S. embargo of Cuba. “Codification!” he would shout, imploring his staff and anyone in hearing range to help him find a way to entrench the embargo so deeply… Read More

Radio and TV Marti employees living on “the bottle” in Miami

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban American Culture

By Varela | Progresso Weekly The American monster created to topple the Castro government by supplying a propaganda alternative to the Cuban people – Radio and TV Martí – was spawned during the Cold War. The funny thing is that, in Miami, RTV-Martí is called “the Martí Bottling Company.” (We… Read More

Tourism and business in Little Havana

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban American Business

ROBERTO KOLTUN | EL NUEVO HERALD STAFF Back in July, Corinna Moebius opened a store that sold locally produced crafts with the hope of drawing in some of the hundreds of tourists that visit Little Havana each week. The tourists never came, though, and her savings began to run out. So, after just two… Read More

Selfish acts of Ana Margarita Martinez may shut down US flights to Cuba

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban American Culture

By JUAN O. TAMAYO | Miami Herald original title: Suit by spy’s ex-wife could stop flights to Cuba All direct U.S. flights to Cuba may be halted if the ex-wife of a Cuban spy wins a lawsuit to garnish money that South Florida charter companies pay in fees to Cuba, lawyers in the case said Monday.… Read More

Should Joe Garcia run for Congress again?

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban American Politics

By John McArdle | CQ-Roll Call (original title: Florida 25: More Than Just an Open Seat) With the November forecast ominous for Democrats, some factions within the party are watching to see how aggressive the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will be to put Florida’s 25th District seat in… Read More

A Cuban American returns to Vedado Havana Cuba to see his childhood home

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban American Culture

Kathleen A. Hughes | Wall Street Journal My husband Dan’s family fled Cuba in September 1960, almost two years after Fidel Castro took power, leaving behind a beautiful, modern home and most of their possessions. His parents, Daniel and Delia Bethencourt, an engineer and architect, had designed… Read More

Lincoln Diaz Balart to retire from House of Representatives

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban American Politics

BY LESLEY CLARK AND BETH REINHARD | Miami Herald U.S. Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, a passionate defender and architect of legislation to strengthen the U.S. embargo against Cuba, announced Thursday he won’t seek reelection to Congress. The Miami Republican made the announcement at a news conference… Read More

USAID funding to Cuban American organizations raising concerns

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban American Politics

By JUAN O. TAMAYO | Miami Herald The U.S. government’s Cuba democracy programs are all but paralyzed, facing political, safety and bureaucratic hurdles that critics and backers agree could end up halting their more aggressive features. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which… Read More

From Little Havana to Big Havana - one man’s journey on video

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban American Culture

Vanguard Correspondent Adrian Baschuk travels to the last remaining Communist state in the western hemisphere to see how hard life really is there and investigates whether or not there exists any possibility of regime change. Jorge Moreno, a Miami resident and third generation Cuban exile, is in front… Read More

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