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Versailles Cuban restaurant on Calle Ocho for Cuban fare and politics

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Enrique Martinez carries an order at the Versailles Restaurant on Calle Ocho in Little Havana ALAN DIAZ/AP PHOTO BY TERE FIGUERAS NEGRETE | Miami Herald Felipe Valls has a soft spot for the crowd of men that converge, like clockwork, at the counter of his Calle Ocho eatery for their daily ritual… Read More

Can Raul Martinez beat Lincoln or Mario Diaz-Balart for Florida Congressman?

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

By Ian Swanson | TheHill.com For decades, Miami Cuban-Americans have been a reliable Republican voting bloc and three GOP incumbents who represent that community in the House have rarely faced significant opposition. Now Florida Democrats are trying to mount a meaningful challenge, in part by convincing… Read More

US Cuba inheritance lawyers busy finding heirs

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Attorneys Carlos Enriquez, left, Sergio Mendez, Jose I. Valdes, Luis E. Barreto and Enrique Zamora are on a rotating list of local lawyers who receive a special license to travel to Cuba to represent the rights of Cubans claiming inheritances in the United States. ROBERTO KOLTUN/EL NUEVO HERALD STAFF… Read More

Victor Vazquez sentenced for OFAC travel sanctions violations

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

BY JORGE VALENCIA | Miami Herald A South Florida businessman was sentenced to 2 � years in prison Friday morning for conspiring in a scheme to violate Cuba travel restrictions through licenses of bogus churches. Victor Vazquez, 40, of Pompano Beach, was sentenced in a Miami federal court by U.S. District… Read More

Two Cuban Americans involved with religious scheme to skirt US Embargo

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

BY JAY WEAVER | Miami Herald Posing as men of the cloth, businessman Victor Vazquez and his wealthy friend David Margolis flew back and forth to Cuba by cleverly exploiting a religious loophole in the long-standing travel ban to the communist island nation. On the afternoon of Dec. 13, 2006, a team of… Read More

Creighton University Cuba claims study tainted by USAID $750k funding

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

Original title: Study: How to Recoup Assets in Cuba By OSKAR GARCIA Associated Press Writer Federal officials planning for a post-Fidel Castro Cuba were sent recommendations Thursday on how to handle a decades-old puzzle: recouping billions of dollars for those whose assets were seized after the dictator… Read More

Unidad Cubana issues outrageous Declaration From Miami on Cuba

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

Miami Herald Hundreds of Cuban exiles jammed into the Manuel Artime Community Center in Little Havana Monday night to discuss the future of a free Cuba as the group Unidad Cubana issued a “Declaration from Miami.’‘ Among the document’s provisions: that Cuban leader Fidel Castro… Read More

CANE CBS tv show debuts tonight with Jimmy Smits in pilot episode

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

We have been tracking the developments of the new “Dallas meets Sopranos” type drama from CBS since we first heard about it several months ago. We purchased the domain name CaneForum.com and now it points to our Cane Forum in the Cuba Forum area so if you have an interest in this show, just… Read More

Little Havana - Yesterday and today

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

By LAURA WIDES-MUNOZ | Associated Press Travel guides list Little Havana as the heart of the Cuban exile community, the symbolic hub of opposition to Fidel Castro and a must-see neighborhood for its galleries, cigar shops and espresso stands. But with so much of its identity steeped in anti-Castro activism,… Read More

Love, Loss and Longing - book about Cuban Americans’ travel restrictions

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

NEW PUBLICATION DOCUMENTS CUBAN-AMERICAN FAMILY SEPARATION Love, Loss and Longing: the Impact of U.S. Travel Policy on Cuban-American Families “What are the real family values when we keep families away from each other?” Reverend Mari Castellanos, Cuban American, Washington, DC U.S. travel policy… Read More

Barack Obama to talk of free travel to Cuba for Cuban Americans

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

BY BETH REINHARD | Miami Herald Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is calling for ‘‘unrestricted rights’’ for Cuban Americans to visit and send money to family in Cuba, just days before his first pilgrimage to Little Havana as a presidential candidate. President Bush… Read More

Fanjul lawyers will not sue CBS ... for now

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

(original title: Whew! It’s not about us, Fanjuls says of CBS’s Cane TV show) By SUSAN SALISBURY | Palm Beach Post The Fanjul family of Palm Beach says it is satisfied that Cane, a new CBS show about a Cuban sugar cane-growing family in South Florida, isn’t about them. That’s… Read More

Self congratulatory Cuban exiles claim success of anti-Castro campaign

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

Exiles say civil resistance in Cuba is a success BY ANDRES AMERIKANER | Miami Herald Chalk it up to Fidel Castro’s illness, to economic struggles or to spontaneous unrest, but Cuban exiles in Miami say their one-year campaign to encourage civil resistance on the island has been a success. ‘‘The… Read More

SHAMEFUL actions of Department of Children & Families in Miami

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

Unusual issues define custody battle The custody battle over a 4-year-old Cuban girl is filled with unusual circumstances. BY CAROL MARBIN MILLER | Miami Herald His 4-year-old daughter needs to go to the bathroom. In a public park. He doesn’t want to let her go alone. But he doesn’t want… Read More

Fanjul family bring out the lawyers to review CANE CBS tv series scripts

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

(original title: Sugar royalty in Palm Beach presses CBS not to smudge family in series) By SUSAN SALISBURY | Palm Beach Post Coming this fall: an epic television drama from CBS about a wealthy Cuban-American family in the sugar cane business. A video clip of the series - it’s called Cane - on… Read More

Congressman William Delahunt talks with Cuban Americans

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

CBS4.com U.S. Rep. Bill Delahunt of met with a group of mostly Democratic Cuban exiles in Miami Saturday, urging them to get more involved in public debates over the future of the Communist island. The Massachusetts democrat was also critical of Radio and TV Marti broadcasts, saying they are inefficient… Read More

Convicted anti-Castrto terroist Santiago Alvarez gets sentenced reduced

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

ACN Santiago Alvarez Fernandez brought Posada Cariles into the US on his boat Santrina.Havana, June 8.- A US federal judge of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, reduced the prison sentences for anti-Cuba terrorists Santiago Alvarez and Osvaldo Mitat in what constitutes another sample of Washington’s double… Read More

Cynthia Cidre talks about her screenwriting for CANE tv series

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

Hollywood Reporter | By Nellie Andreeva If it weren’t for her absolute loathing of speech class, Cynthia Cidre would have been an English professor today, teaching Victorian literature at a college somewhere. Instead, she is a screenwriter whose first series, the Jimmy Smits-starring “Cane,”… Read More

New Fall CBS television show “Cane” about Cuban Americans in Miami

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

Glenn Garvin | The Miami Herald Click on the image to watch the Fall preview trailer and this clip too “Cane” starring Jimmy Smits, right, debuts this fall. On the far left is cast member Eddie Matos, an actor born in Puerto Rico and raised in Miami. (Robert Voets/CBS) Cane, a… Read More

Will Cuban exiles scuttle Miami tunnel project?

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

By LARRY LEBOWITZ | Miami Herald (original title Company’s links to Cuba could dig port tunnel’s grave) The future of a proposed $1 billion tunnel to the Port of Miami may be in limbo because the preferred contractor has close business ties to the Castro government, The Miami Herald has learned.… Read More

The fading power of old Cuban exiles in Miami

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

By Max Castro | The Nation | May 4, 2007 | Original title Miami Vise Fidel Castro is dying. Or perhaps he is already dead. That, at least, was the rumor in Little Havana over the past several months, where reports that the health of the comandante en jefe was improving were treated with skepticism. Premature… Read More

President of anti-Castro group Democracia says Embargo helped Fidel Castro

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

By Amy Guthrie | Browardpalmbeach.com Excerpt from Adios Fidel South Floridians have been told for years — hell, decades — that the Castro regime is going to implode. The countdown to Fidel’s demise began when thousands of Cubans sought refuge in South Florida after Castro seized control of… Read More

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney screws up in Little Havana

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

AP People chuckled when presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a Mormon raised in Michigan and elected in Massachusetts, bungled the names of Cuban-American politicians during a recent speech in Miami. But when he mistakenly associated Fidel Castro’s trademark speech-ending slogan — Patria o muerte,… Read More

Calle Ocho Festival in Little Havana begins Sunday March 11

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

CBS4.com After weeks of preparation, the Calle Ocho Festival is finally here and will bring the best of Latin food, music, and entertainment into the streets of Little Havana this Sunday. Part of the popular Carnaval Miami season, the Calle Ocho Festival brings a fabulous finale to the two-week program… Read More

SAY NO TO HISPANICITY - By Eduardo Montalvo

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban American Culture

In this country, there are two ways of seeing things, two ways of thinking, and two interpretations of reality: the Hispanic way, and the other way. I say this, because it seems to me that many Hispanics interpret the world in a very peculiar way. It’s a very myopic interpretation of events, in which… Read More

¡YO NO QUIERO SER MINORIA! Por Eduardo Montalvo

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban American Culture

En nuestro Universo, todo viene en pares. De hecho, la duplicidad es la norma. Partiendo de lo más básico, que es la energía eléctrica, con sus cargas negativas y positivas, hasta nuestra propia fisonomía, donde tenemos dos de casi todo. Si no se ha dado cuenta, comience a contar. Hasta lo inmaterial… Read More


Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban American Politics

El Sueño Americano existe y se encuentra al alcance de todos… de todos aquellos que estén dispuestos a pagar su precio. Uno debe estar preparado para triunfar, dado que el éxito no es casual, es causal. Es decir, se tiene que actuar en consecuencia para lograr resultados. Estos resultados no son… Read More

Can President Calderón of Mexico restore Mexico Cuba relations?

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban American Politics

BY MARIFELI PEREZ-STABLE | Miami Herald Mexican President Felipe Calderón just passed the hundred-day mark. Expectations weren’t high—demonstrating the forcefulness that eluded his predecessor and broadening his reach beyond a bare-bones electoral win—but he did all right. Deployment… Read More

Planning for Miami Orange Bowl party to celebrate death of Fidel Castro begins

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

BY MICHAEL VASQUEZ | Miami Herald One day, very possibly one day soon, ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro will die—and a nascent committee sponsored by the city of Miami wants to be ready. So it’s planning a party. The event, still in the very early planning stage, would be held in Little Havana’s… Read More

Arturo Torres - A Cuban American success story

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

Andrea Torres | Miami Herald Arturo G. Torres, a Cuban-born entrepreneur who went from washing dishes in Miami Beach to becoming one of the wealthiest Hispanics in the United States, died Saturday of complications from diabetes and cancer. He was 70. Torres, who lived on Fisher Island, made his fortune… Read More

Cuban Americans talk about US Cuba policy

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban Americans

By OSCAR CORRAL | Miami Herald From Hialeah to Westchester, Cuban Americans wonder what the recent changes in leadership—in both Havana and Washington—will mean for the communist island. Some hold out hope for a thaw in U.S.-Cuba relations. Democrats took the leadership posts in Congress… Read More

Hugo Chavez to nationalize telecoms and electric companies

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban American Business

By IAN JAMES | Associated Press Writer President Hugo Chavez announced plans Monday to nationalize Venezuela’s electrical and telecommunications companies, pledging to create a socialist state in a bold move with echoes of Fidel Castro’s Cuban revolution. “We’re moving toward… Read More

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