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Little Havana Cuban sandwich and restaurant owner is back in business

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Michael E. Miller | Miami New Times On a warm morning in March, trash blows across a sidewalk in east Little Havana as a bus screeches to a halt in front of an empty restaurant. Its windows are too dark and dusty to see inside, but a banner near the roof offers signs of life: “Coming Soon: Raúl… Read More

Tourism and business in Little Havana

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ROBERTO KOLTUN | EL NUEVO HERALD STAFF Back in July, Corinna Moebius opened a store that sold locally produced crafts with the hope of drawing in some of the hundreds of tourists that visit Little Havana each week. The tourists never came, though, and her savings began to run out. So, after just two… Read More

David Rivera uses same old logic to maintain US Embargo despite calls to lift it

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(Original title: In tough economic times, public opinion shifts on Cuba embargo) By David Adams | TampaBay.com We all know how Cuba excites passions in political debates from Miami to Tampa. Thursday night, Rep. David Rivera, a Miami Republican, and Naples cattleman John Parke Wright IV locked horns… Read More

Cuban Americans act as couriers to Cuba for US goods

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By WILL WEISSERT | Associated Press Writer The human mule is in her 70s, gaunt and hunched over with short, white hair and the deeply wrinkled face of a chain-smoker. She lives in Miami with her daughter but wanted to see her son and grandson in Cuba. After nearly three years of saving, she still didn’t… Read More

Isla Express Cuba remittance owners arrested for not sending money to Cuba

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BY DAVID OVALLE | Miami Herald The heartless crime, police say, became clear when angry crowds on three separate days gathered outside Isla Express wire service during last year’s holiday season: They wanted to know where tens of thousands of dollars destined for family members in Cuba had gone.… Read More

Cuban property claims for sale? Who’s buying?

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban American Business

By BILLY HOUSE | The Tampa Tribune Estela Roberts and her family have always hoped they would be compensated one day for their property in Cuba seized after that country’s 1959 revolution. Roberts, 62, whose family eventually relocated to Miami and then to Tampa, still remembers her family’s… Read More

Investing in Post-Castro Cuba: Are Cuban-Americans the “Ace in the Hole”?

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban American Business

This is a summary of a larger study being prepared by Jose Azel, Senior Research Associate at the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies (ICCAS), University of Miami. A longer version will be published in Cuban Affairs, the quarterly electronic journal published by ICCAS, in its January issue.… Read More

Hugo Chavez to nationalize telecoms and electric companies

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By IAN JAMES | Associated Press Writer President Hugo Chavez announced plans Monday to nationalize Venezuela’s electrical and telecommunications companies, pledging to create a socialist state in a bold move with echoes of Fidel Castro’s Cuban revolution. “We’re moving toward… Read More

Miami Herald Reporters take over $200,000 to push propaganda at Radio Marti

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BBC At least 10 Florida-based journalists were paid by the US government to contribute to anti-Cuba propaganda broadcasts, the Miami Herald says. Three writers have been sacked by the Miami Herald newspaper group for an alleged conflict of interest. One was paid $175,000 (�98,000) for hosting… Read More

The Key To Being Happy and Properous In the U.S.

Posted in Cuban Americans > Cuban American Business

1. Be PROUD to be an American! 2. Lose the entitlement attitude, be grateful for the opportunities this wonderful country has given and continues to give to Hispanics. 3. Stop calling white people “gringos” when you do this your ignorance shows, you would not like it if a white person called… Read More

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