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How to spot a fake or counterfeit COHIBA Esplendido Box

You are looking at a real box of Habanos Cohiba Esplendidos 25 count. The real one came nicely wrapped in wax paper. As you will notice, even the box construction is noticeably different between the fake and real Cohibas.

Every detail features noticeable differences in quality.

The thin wood sheet is much lighter and thinner than that contained in the real box.

The Cohiba logo stamp is lighter and not impressed into the wood. Also, the upper right corner (where you insert your finger to pull the wood sheet off) is cut straight at a 45 degree angle on the fake box. The finger cut out is rounded on the real box.

The "fit" of the box...the joints, lid, hinges etc., are all slightly less quality on the fake box.

Notice the cheap nails in the fake clasp.

Bottom of Cohiba Esplendido boxes:

The real box shows the date of manufacture.

The dead giveaway! Your eyes will can easily see the difference in the warranty seal.

FAKE Cohibas cigar label

REAL Cohibas cigar label

This is the inner "instruction sheet" made of rice paper or the like. These were held up to the light for the photograph. You can see the thinner paper on the fake. Also, the Cohiba leaf is smaller on the fake.

Believe it or not, this sharp looking hologram is attached the the top of the FAKE box.

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