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We present to you, the most comprehensive source featuring the ultimate side-by-side comparison of two, full, unopened boxes of Cuban cigars aka Habanos Cohiba Esplendidos: one real and one fake.

This first page will show you the difference between the cigars themselves. The second page shows you how the two boxes compare to each other.

Enjoy. All content provided by and owned by Havana Journal Inc.

Notice the raised gold lettering on the real COHIBA, the bold print and deep color. Notice the flat brass colored lettering, the bland print and washed out color of the fake.

The real Cohiba band is 15mm or 9/16" while the fake Cohiba band is 17mm or 11/16".

Notice the lighter wrapper with inconsistent light and darker tones on the fakes while the Habanos puros have a uniform chocolate color. Both are equal length. 

When you roll a real one between your fingers, it has a consistent firm putty-like feel. When you roll a fake between your fingers it has noticeable "squishy" spots. You'll see why in the photos below.

Ahhh...A fresh box of real Cohiba Esplendidos!

Now let's cut one of each open.

Notice any difference?

The REAL Cohiba Esplendidos feature dark, supple and whole leaves while the fakes are faded, brittle and made with shredded scraps of Cuban tobacco.

The real Cohiba is constructed with soft, whole leaves. Notice the V shape to the leaves and all the veins have been carefully removed by a skilled craftsman or craftswoman.

While the fake Cohiba Esplendido cigars are filled with crap.

Now have a look at the comparison of genuine vs. counterfeit Cohiba boxes

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