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Buffalo raised in Cuba? Who knew?

Posted November 05, 2012 by publisher in Cuba Business.


The Cuban economy promotes buffalo raising in several areas in the country, as an alternative to improve food supply to the domestic market.

According to specialists, the buffalo meat is very nutritious and has lower fat content than other meats; and the milk is rich in vitamins, minerals, solids and fats.

The specialists also mentioned that the buffalo development is mainly based on the livestock recuperation foreseen in Cuba, in the next few years.

In general, buffaloes are mainly raised in areas where conditions are not adequate for other bovines; and the fattening process yields better results.

The country expects to close 2012 with 4.6 million liters of buffalo milk and about 4,000 tons of meat; these volumes must double by 2016.

——————————Havana Journal Comments—————————— puts out a newsletter every week. I always find something interesting in their newsletter since they are close to the Cuban government.

This is about as close to independent reporting as you can get out of Cuba.

I have never read about ANY buffalo being raised in Cuba.

I guess I can accept the 4000 tons of meat number but 4.6million liters of buffalo milk?

Can someone do the math on that and post how many female buffalo that are needed to produce that much milk in Cuba?

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