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Cuban lobster industry update

Posted November 05, 2012 by publisher in Cuba Business.


Pinar del Río, Cuba’s westernmost province, promotes lobster capture in order to meet market needs.

About 63 vessels, which are participating in the lobster season, have accumulated close to 1,300 tons of lobster, of an annual plan comprising 1,928 tons.

According to specialists, conditions are being prepared to achieve the abovementioned volume at the end of the year when the capture grows thanks to the increased lobster presence this time of year.

Conditions include the improvement and manufacture of the different nets, lines and floats which are used in the capture, as well as the maintenance of the fleet and storehouses.

The processing plant in La Coloma, one of the most modern plants in Latin America, is ready to process up to 30 tons of lobster a day.

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Interesting. I have never read much about the lobster market in Cuba. I’m sure all these boats are government owned and all purchases are by the Cuban government for government owned restaurants. If anyone knows about the private lobster industry in Cuba, please post a comment.

Also interesting is that Cuba has “one of the most modern plants in Latin America”.


Cuba, by design, does not have the most modern of anything in Latin America.

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