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Cuban government admits: Cuban honey production increases due to increase in pay to beekeepers

Posted June 25, 2012 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

DTCuba puts out a great newsletter each week featuring Cuba business, culture and travel related news from Cuba. The site is run by the Cuban government, influenced/monitored/edited by the Cuban government or at the VERY least approved by the Ministry of Tourism in Cuba.

I find this news outlet to be a good source of news from Cuba. Of course it is approved, edited, filtered etc but it does not have the usual stink of propaganda that something like Granma or any number of the official Cuban news sites.

So, I was reading this article but the last line struck me as very interesting. Read the unedited article and I’ll continue my commentary below.

From newsletter. Original title is “Honey Production Increases in Santiago de Cuba”.

Honey production in Santiago de Cuba, in the eastern area of the country, reached volumes above 200 tons during the first five months of 2012.

According to experts, the plan was 140 tons but production went above the plan thanks to the flowering level in the first four-month period of the year.

Thus, with a total estimate of 510 tons for the territory in 2012, 39 percent has already been accomplished and the most productive time, from September to December, is yet to come.

According to specialists, the Guamá municipality was the highest honey contributor, followed by Songo-La Maya and Contramaestre; and most of their production is intended for export purposes.

The increase in the price that is being paid to beekeepers for their honey has also influenced the production growth.


That’s the line “The increase in the price that is being paid to beekeepers for their honey has also influenced the production growth.” Why did this one line motivate me to write this commentary? Because this approved Cuban government website is stating that HIGHER PAY TO WORKERS has an influence on production.

What a capitalist thing to admit? Welcome to how the world really works Cuba!

Maybe Raul is realizing and, more importantly admitting, that higher pay means happier and more productive workers.

Now let’s see if there is any offer of profit sharing. God forbid that motivates workers to be even more productive.

Keep up the good work beekeepers. Maybe other workers will start being more productive with more pay too.

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