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Western Union updates Cuba money transfer service

Posted December 09, 2011 by publisher in Cuba Business.

From Western Union press release

Western Union announced the launch of an electronic Affidavit that will now enable consumers, who meet specific government requirements, to easily send money to family members and friends in Cuba from most participating Western Union agent locations in the United States.

With the launch of the new Western Union electronic Affidavit, the money transfer service to Cuba will now be available from most Western Union Agent locations in the US and will provide an alternative to the manual and fax paperwork verifications, making the process faster and more efficient.

“The new Western Union electronic Affidavit is consistent with our goal to offer fast, reliable and convenient money transfer services while connecting families with their loved ones in Cuba,” said Victoria Lopez-Negrete, senior vice president and general manager, North America, Western Union.

Western Union has provided money transfer services from the U.S. to Cuba since 1999. Today, Western Union has more than 220 Agent locations in Cuba and pays consumer money transfers in Cuban Convertible Pesos across Cuba.

To find a Western Union Agent location near you, click here for more information about sending money from the US to Cuba or call 888 984-CUBA (2822).

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