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New Cuba business models and registered domain names

Posted November 17, 2011 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

This may not be interesting to some readers of the Havana Journal but the registration of a domain name means that someone or some company has an idea or business model planned for their new domain name.

Since I am a Cuba domain name buyer, broker and developer, I monitor all Cuba keyword related domain names that are registered so I can discover new business models, ideas and Players in the Cuba arena.

Today I would like to share with you some recent Cuba domain name registrations. I took the liberty to mention Havana Journal Inc. websites and domain names where relevant.

Florida real estate agent Gladys Korol of OPTIMAR INTERNATIONAL REALTY registered these domains:

Hewlett-Packard registered

Joseph Prem of Caribbean Select Travel registered and

Ahmad Miski of US Legalization registered which is a term used for the “legalization” of Cuban documents. (Havana Journal Inc. offers a proprietary Cuban document retrieval service)

Global Learning, a company that offers consulting services to colleges and universities that desire to develop educational programs in Cuba for US students registered was recently registered and now the site says “This page has been created for the sole purpose of helping Cubans, both on the Island as outsiders. NOT for profit . was registered and is already a new website about Cuba real estate for sale. (HJ Inc developed a Cuba real estate site.)

A blogger from Brazil registered for his new Cuba blog.

Pa Mi Cuba Services registered and

Perry Ellis fashion company registered to complement their Cuba Vera brand clothing line.

Royal First Travel of Paris registered and .org was registered with whois privacy protection so apparently someone or some company has plans for a US Cuba chamber of Commerce. (HJ Inc has started to develop a Cuba Chamber of Commerce website.)

Bain International Trading & Development SA of (the longest domain name I have ever seen) registered these domains:

Bruce Nierenberg, a cruise industry veteran, registered so one could speculate that he is ready to launch his Havana ferry project.

A Cuban born, Chicago based photographer registered and already developed with this information “THE CUBA PROJECT will highlight the beauty and unique personality of the island of Cuba”.

Assurline SRL, an insurance company from Argentina registered these domains:

Hugo Cancio of Fuego Entertainment registered and

Key West Seaplanes registered and

Logan Pierson of Boca Raton (of registered and Maybe there is a movie in the works?

Richard Mahee of Mahvrick press release service registered CubanNewsNetwork.comm so maybe he is planning a Cuba related service.

Miami New Realty registered (real estate in Cuba in English, HJ Inc owns

Silverwind Production Inc of New York City registered:

Thomas Kiy of Canada registered, So, one would have to wonder what he has in mind for a future business model in Cuba grin (HJ Inc owns is a new site with these words on the home page: Our dream of a local microbrewery and micro distillery. Jensen Beach - Miami - Key West - Havana (someday)

Alexis of registered

Random domains with no particular interesting story

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On December 07, 2011, Atreido wrote:

thats examples are showing that the interest of the future of the island are increasing in the international communities