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Short documentary on the current state of private business in Cuba

Posted September 01, 2011 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Al Jazeera has a television program called People and Power.

The video below is a recently produced documentary on the state of small business in Havana today. It features interviews with many entrepreneurs who talk about their experience with the new private enterprise in Cuba.

The video illustrates how the Cuban government took “a dramatic step away from its socialist policies of the past to break new ground: it began privatizing its economy to create private sector jobs and issued thousands of licenses for its citizens to start their own businesses”.

The video has a short People and Power introduction then a short montage introduction THEN the documentary starts so be patient.

This is a 24 minute film and worth watching, narrated in English with Spanish speaking people.

For most of the video I found it to be a fair representation of the past and current economic situation in Cuba.

The text that accompanies the video continues…

Over half a century since Fidel Castro began a socialist revolution, new reforms will now allow Cubans to open restaurants, sell flowers, run beauty salons and barber shops, and become budding entrepreneurs like never before.

But not everyone is convinced that this attempt to overhaul the Soviet-style economic model will bring much needed improvements to the country.

Cuba still remains a one party state, poverty is rife, and political reform is not on the agenda. The US trade embargo, lasting five decades, remains firmly in place and sanctions continue to affect its population. Yet for many, these reforms signify a fresh start for Cubans, who are optimistic that this new progressive model may bring the country out of isolation.

Filmmaker Rodrigo Vazquez has been examining how these new reforms are affecting ordinary Cubans in this new chapter in the country’s history.

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