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Cuba domain name registrations increase recently - list posted

Posted August 04, 2011 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

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As regular readers of the Havana Journal know, I am an active buyer of Cuba domain names. We have developed almost 40 Cuba related websites and have plans to develop many more.

I have a tool that allows me to see all the daily domain registrations for the Cuba related keywords that I monitor.

As news develops in Cuba about private ownership of real estate, cars, golf course development, etc, I have noticed that Cuba related domain registrations have increased lately.

Here are the new Cuba related domain name registrations for just the first few days of August.

Some of the domains above are nice registrations especially if someone has a business model in mind for website. Some seem to be of little value but the time is right for speculation in Cuba domain names.

I hand registered these yesterday

With the new private property laws expected to pass soon in Cuba, there will be a great need for escrow services in Cuba. I have had this domain on my watch list for quite some time so when I saw that someone registered, I knew I had to register I am surprised that this person did not register I know have my domain name forwarded to our Cuba legal services site where we have a number of attorneys that would be interested to be involved with escrow in Cuba.

I already own and, as you would imagine, there will be MANY Cuban property claims once real estate in Cuba starts to change hands. So, buyers will NEED to have Cuba title insurance. This domain also forwards to our legal site but could just as easily be relevant to our developed Cuba realty site.

If you want to register or buy Cuba domains

To register Cuba domains: You can use my GoDaddy reseller site to register Cuba domain names. I use this myself so I set the domain registration prices at the lowest price allowed by GoDaddy. This is a “white label” solution but the services and customer service are all 100% backed by and supported by GoDaddy.

To buy registered Cuba domains: If you want to own a domain that is already registered by someone else, I am an active domain buyer broker and I know most of the Cuba domain investors and developers. So there is good chance that I know the owner of the domain. As your buyer broker, I will work 100% in your best interest to buy the Cuba domain that you want.

Selling Cuba domains

If you are considering selling your Cuba related domain name or developed website, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). I am an active buyer of Cuba domain names. If I am not interested, I may consider brokering the sale for you since I am also an active domain broker.

Thanks for reading. Even though this article was a bit self serving, I hope it was educational for you as well.

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