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Pedro Alvarez removed from Cuban Chamber of Commerce

Posted November 23, 2010 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

Pedro Alvarez, former President of the purchasing agency Alimport who then moved (or was moved) to the Cuban Chamber of Commerce is under investigation for alleged corruption, according to a report at Diario de Cuba.

Alvarez was removed from the Chamber a few months ago and his replacement was not formerly announced.

Charges against Mr. Perez are not known at this time but it has been reported that he was detained several times by the Technical Investigations Department in Havana.

There has been a lot of talk about corruption in Cuba over the past several months. One source close to the Havana Journal believes that many of these charges may be “inflated” and targeted against people loyal to Fidel Castro. In other words, there is speculation that Raul Castro is removing anyone loyal to Fidel.

Pedro Alvarez’s wife killed

Sadly, his wife, Olga de la Cruz de la Llera was killed on the Cubana Airlines flight that crashed on November 4 in the mountains of Sancti Spiritus.

Due to sources close to the Havana Journal, Mr. Alvarez was always known to be a very smart negotiator and was very well respected among his peers. We were informed that Alimport’s role has changed in 2010 due to changes in the Cuban government and the economic transition in Cuba. This could be a reason that Mr. Alvarez was moved from Alimport to the Cuban Chamber of Commerce but we are surprised by this recent action by the Cuban government against Mr. Alvarez.

Personally, I wish Mr. Alvarez well in his time of loss and personal challenges.

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