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Cuba newsletter sold to investors in Miami

Posted November 19, 2010 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

According to the article, Miami Investors buy Cuba News, posted at recently, Antony Zamora and Fernando Donayre have purchased the subscription only Cuba News newsletter.

Larry Luxner is expected to stay on as editor through 2011. Cuba News has been a friend of the Havana Journal for many years and we always read every issue of Cuba News from beginning to end. Cuba News is full of 100% original business, culture and political Cuba content and we wish all parties well moving forward. I strongly recommend that you subscribe to Cuba News (and this is not a paid advertorial).

Larry Luxner

As the About Us page at Luxner News Inc says, Larry is a veteran journalist and photographer maintaining a digital database of more than 18,000 images from 93 countries. Larry has been publishing his Cuba newsletter since 2002.

Antonio Zamora

Mr. Zamora is a well known Miami attorney who has a long history with Cuba and a deep understanding of the island’s business and political structure. He was also a presenter at the Cuba Trade Expo and offered a very thorough presentation featuring a variety of golf and marina projects in Cuba in various stages of planning.

Fernando X. Donayre

Mr. Donayre is a Portfolio Manager for Zephyr out of Miami and Chief Investment Officer and founder of INCA Investments, a Latin American investment management firm.

He was a presenter at the 2009 Cuba Trade Expo where he discussed investment opportunities in Cuba featuring information about the Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund, CEIBA Investments Fund, Coral Capital Group, Sherritt, Sol Melia and other investment vehicles.

Member Comments

On October 16, 2011, publisher wrote:

The Havana Journal is pleased to announce the launch of our Cuba Watch newsletter and information service.