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Is it for real now? Cuba to allow sale of houses to foreigners

Posted August 02, 2010 by nacho in Cuba Business.


AFP  and other agencies are reporting that Cuba is to build golf courses with foreign investors and allow the sale of houses in those secluded compounds to foreigners.

Is this for real now? Remember the Carbonera Club? It was supposed to open in 2011.

Some hope Raul will offer more that just cosmetic reforms… but he has nothing more radical than this, I think.

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On August 05, 2010, rogdix wrote:

Forget what “Agencies” are reporting. Cuba is in a state of administrative mayhem. No-one is truly in charge. The military is likely to take over. So dream on, but hang on to your money for a while longer.

Forget the concept of “secluded compounds.” That’s a technique applied by all totalitarian governments. It gives them the right to screw you as and when they feel necessary.

In Cuba you have NO RIGHTS at this time, so don’t go there.