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Fewer sugar mills in Cuba to operate this zafra season

Posted December 04, 2009 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Marc Frank | Reuters

The first of 44 Cuban sugar mills scheduled to grind during the 2009-2010 harvest opened on Thursday, official media reported, with final output by May forecast at 1.3 million to 1.4 million tonnes of raw sugar.

“The Mario Munez mill began production today ... to reach full capacity and stability by Saturday, the date the harvest will officially begin,” the mid-day radio newscast said.

Seven mills are scheduled to open this month and the remainder in January and February, with the harvest scheduled to end by May.

Cuba has yet to release results from the last harvest, which Reuters estimated at around 1.33 million tonnes based on provincial reports and sources.

There are 10 fewer mills working this season due mainly to a lack of cane, according to provincial media and source reports.

The state owns all the mills.

Officials have said improved harvesting and milling will nevertheless result in similar tonnage.

Traders told Reuters that the official estimate for this year’s harvest was 1.3 million tonnes, of which 400,000 tonnes goes to China under a toll agreement and another 700,000 tonnes are consumed locally.

The current crop has suffered from a lack of inputs or late delivery of what there was as Cuba grappled with a financial crisis that forced steep cuts in imports and disrupted deliveries this year.

Member Comments

On December 04, 2009, publisher wrote:

Pretty sad. Castro’s Cuba can’t even grow sugar anymore.

Wait, oh right, it’s the Embargo’s fault or is it the world economy or is it the lazy Cuban workers or is it that darn Marabu?

Certainly not Fidel’s or Raul’s fault.

On December 04, 2009, Yeyo wrote:

This is the country that in 1970 was trying to produce 10 millions (La Zafra de los 10 millones). Look where we are today.
Amazing how and industry that was build over hundreds of years can be destroyed in less than 50 years. From among the first world exporters to importing sugar.
Looks like somebody should take some Economy courses.

On December 04, 2009, publisher wrote:

Remember, Castro needs the Cuban people to be poor otherwise they will get counter-Revolutionary ideas.

On December 27, 2009, Gary wrote:

The articles are quite good, but save your “funny” comments for yourself. Of course Castro is one of the “culpables”, but there are 11 Million more on the island, who are not able to raise there voice and say, He Fidel if you pay us money we will work, and if you have to kick out 80% of the people to pay us 5 times more than do it. Never heard a Cuban say to me, he you have a lot of money lets make a farm together. And when i was asking, you are crazy working on the land??? I know foreigners who run a farm business in Cuba, but most Cubans are satisfied with collecting remisa or living on the families jinetera money. Face the truth.
What they want is easy money, like everybody, but while England, Germany and lots of other countries spend a lot of there blood to industrialize their own country, what did Cuba? We are socialist, you come and industrialize us.
Of course there are still good workers in Cuba, and the bureaucracy nearly kills all the motivation in the stateowned business. But when you once see how this supereducaded people work, crazy. Normally the should be able to build anything, but i know pupils who make better weldings with the same stuff. Kick that people out of work and send them to the farms.