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Gibara Holguin Cuba wind farm update

Posted March 23, 2009 by publisher in Cuba Business.

By Ania Fernandez |

“That the Gibara I Wind Farm was still standing after the passing of the devastating Hurricane Ike through the province, is an example of good construction. It is a very complex building work that represents quality and prestige for the country”, said Manuel Menendez, organizer of the Support Group of the Commander in Chief, on working visit to Holguin.

The Electric Company in this eastern province carried out the repair work to put into service the 33,000 volt output line, which collapsed under the winds of hurricane Ike. They also worked on the maintenance and cleaning of the six towers and the restoration of working conditions in the control room, where the computer and communications equipment were damaged.

At the end of 2008 and in early 2009 the company received the certification of Cuban operators for starting the operations of the Gibara I wind farm, which uses Spanish technology and is able to generate more than five megawatts.

Work on constructing Gibara II has begun at Punta Rasa, where six Golwind S-50 machines of Chinese technology will be installed, which will have the capacity of 4.5 megawatts.

So far the geological and seismological research and clearing the area are completed, as well as the required permission from granting agencies to begin the construction work.

When the wind farm is completed, the potential of renewable energy can reach 9.6 megawatts. These two parks as a whole represent an important wind emplacement for Cuba, which is currently testing several alternative energy sources to replace fossil fuels.

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This video shows the destruction after Hurricane Ike but does show the wind turbines still standing.

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