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Cuba Stock Index, Cuba Select ranking report and Havana Journal business

Posted January 13, 2009 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Here are a few developments regarding Havana Journal Inc business for those readers interested in Havana Journal Inc operations and Cuba business in general.

We believe that President Obama will move quickly to ease travel and remittance restrictions on Cuban Americans and will also move quickly to close the Guantanamo detention prison. Cuba could burst onto the scene in as early as one week so we have been aggressively preparing our businesses for a ramp up in activity and interest in all things Cuba related.

We could be approaching the starting line for a new US Cuba policy. We’ll have to wait and see if Raul makes any efforts to free up the Cuban people.

Cuba Select Ranking Report

Our proprietary Cuba Select Ranking Report featuring the top 24 Cuba websites in the world was produced by Havana Journal Inc to identify and quantify the top Cuba related websites in the world. All the information regarding the selection criteria are in the forum post and we have posted the raw data for all to compare and verify.

We ranked sites by Alexa traffic ranking, Compete traffic ranking, Quantcast traffic ranking, monthly visitors, number of pages in Google and more. If you know of a site ranking in the top 24, please let me know.

Here is the list, alphabetically, NOT the order of rank:

Cuba Stock Index

The Cuba Stock Index was developed by Havana Journal Inc to highlight US based, Canadian and European corporations that are publicly traded and involved in or expect to be involved in Cuba related business ventures. We will monitor these companies and post updates on their corporate strategy as it relates to business opportunities in Cuba.A numerical value is being created that will assign an index average to this basket of Cuba related and potentially Cuba related stocks.

Please send us any company name that you think might benefit financially from a post-Embargo and/or post-Castro Cuba.

The companies are broken into categories with descriptions and reasons why the company might benefit from a more open Cuba in the future. Here is the list of companies alphabetically:

Atlantic Tele network
Carnival Cruise Lines
Carnival Cruise Lines
Consolidated Water
Crowley Maritime
Herzfeld Caribbean Basin Fund
Imperial Tobacco Group
Leisure Canada
Royal Caribbean Cruises
Seaboard Marine
Sol Melia
Trailer Bridge
Vulcan Materials
YM Biosciences

Havana Network

The Havana Network is owned by Havana Journal Inc and features a list of 60 Cuba websites in various stages of development with different business models, Cuba vacation destinations, cultural interests and specialty Cuba information websites.

Cuba Domains

Havana Journal Inc owns over 2500 Cuba related domains. Many are being tested as candidates for development or point to one of our existing websites in the Havana Network. If you are into domains, you can read about our recent Cuba domain acquisitions.

Cuba Consulting

We offer a variety of Cuba related consulting services. We can help you understand Cuba and research potential opportunities, network you into decision makers, help you market your products and services or refer you to people that can assist with document retrieval and legal matters.


I would like to start off 2009 by thanking our readers, supporters, advertisers and those who comment on articles here. We are motivated by their collective interest in all things Cuba and we are looking forward to a great 2009.

If you want more information regarding Havana Journal Inc operations, we have a section in our Cuba Forum for Havana Journal business information and our site has been developed to explore business opportunities in a post-Embargo post-Castro Cuba.

Thank you.

Rob Sequin


Havana Journnal Inc. (a Massachusetts corporation based in Congressman Bill Delahunt’s district)

Member Comments

On January 19, 2009, Suggestion wrote:

The most visited Cuban blog in Spanish:

On January 20, 2009, publisher wrote:

Thank you very much for that suggestion.

Funny that I never came across that site before. I guess because I don’t really follow Spanish language sites.

We missed that one. I will work it into the review.