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Russia to work on Cuba transportation and develop fleet of oil tankers

Posted October 21, 2008 by publisher in Cuba Business.

RIA Novosti

Russia has offered Cuba assistance in renovating its transportation system, rebuilding its energy sector and acquiring a fleet of oil tankers, Russia’s deputy minister of industry and trade said on Tuesday.

“There are gaps in bilateral relations which need to be bridged, such as aircraft for internal flights,” Stanislav Naumov said following the Days of Russia, which were held in Cuba on Saturday through Monday.

He said that besides Russian participation in Cuban oil and gas projects, equipment manufacturers could also be involved.

Naumov said Russia could help Cuba develop a fleet of oil tankers.

“Russia has created a United Ship-Building Corporation to meet its demand for tankers, and we can propose similar projects to the Cuban side,” he said.

The official said Russia’s participation in modernizing Cuba’s energy system also showed good potential for suppliers of energy equipment, which could positively affect the development of Russia’s machine-building sector.

“I believe our experts could also be useful to the Cuban side. We actively retrain staff for Russian industry and we could start training staff for Cuba’s,” Naumov said.

He said further development could include investment in joint ventures in Cuba.

The official said Russia also proposed renovating Cuba’s car and bus fleet, which has a large number of Soviet-made vehicles imported during Cuba’s years of cooperation with the Soviet Union.

He added that such cooperation programs should last at least 12 years.

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Member Comments

On October 21, 2008, publisher wrote:

Russia really is a glutton for punishment.

Cuba can’t pay debt to Russian bank and Russian lawmakers ratify deal to restructure Cuba’s debt and this article Russia-Cuba Relations says “Cuba is Russia’ s largest and most shameless debtor; since 1991 it has not serviced its debt. In the meantime, all debt negotiations have been torpedoed by Castro’ s emissaries, who offer to recognize the debt under a dollar to transfer ruble ratio of 1:50. (1)” and this article Cuba tells creditors debt grew by $1.1 billion.

Okay, you get the picture.

On October 22, 2008, cubanpete wrote:

Any reader with a credit card must wish his bank was as understanding as Russia appears to be.

On October 22, 2008, manfredz wrote:

til they send boris to collect .....

On October 28, 2008, ERIC,NYC wrote:

Putin is thanking Cuba for being a willing participant of the Soviet Empire and Putin recognizes that Cuba has stood firm it its politics(unfortunately).....Nevermind the Havana, the beaches and broads the Russians remember so fondly,their DNA they left in Cuba .......and the old Soviet embassy in Miramar.
But let the US continue their embargo….I just pray that in the new administration,Cuban-Americans will be able to travel FREELY and take AS MUCH MONEY as they can…...enough of this nonsense !!! I hPRAY Bush is arrested as a war criminal.
I PRAY I never see a McDonald’s in Cuba !!!! BLAHH! !!!!