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Registering and using Cuban .cu domain names

Posted March 18, 2008 by publisher in Cuba Business.

I recently saw that Cuba had only 1,434 .cu domains registered. 12.75 domains per 100,000 inhabitants. It is one of the four last ccTLDs in Latin America by number of domains registered. Globally ranked 49, ahead of Algeria (.dz domains).

He is Camilo CienFuegos in a note signed by Che Guevara

The first drawback is the price. Although for entities located in Cuba is cheaper (222.7 Cuban pesos in the first year and 151 from the second) for non located on the island price is $350 for and $600 for .cu domains. Both prices are for registrations and renewals.

The second drawback is that they can not register domains individuals, they can only do legal persons. If they are foreign in addition must meet these conditions:

(1) The application shall be made through agents residing in the Republic of Cuba authorized thereto.
(2) Data on Administrative and Financial Contact will be those for the Agent.
(3) Data from the Technical Contact may correspond to the Agent, a national entity or a foreign entity.

When submitting a certification trademark or other distinguishing marks issued by a foreign registration office, the document will be endorsed by the Cuban Office of Industrial Property.
If not, requires a prior Trademark Search. The process lasts for a month and cost about $100.

The third drawback is that the registration process, modification and transfer of domains is manual. For each operation is due to submit a form by mail or by email at CUBA-NIC. For the record solictante can send some allegations extra CUBA-NIC if their request is denied. After examination, the decision to CUBA-NIC shall be final.

The domain may be revoked or other circumstances “if using the domain endangers public order, morality or socialist legality” and “technical incompetence or negligence settled on the use of the domain”

The domains are: .cu (1,217 domains),,,,, and The minimum length of a .cu domain is three characters and IDN domains are not available.

As a curiosity, it is noteworthy that apart from the whois, has a list in alphabetical order and by extension of all registered domains and all those who are awaiting to be accepted.

Search for a Cuba .cu domain here and here’s the main page of

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