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Fourth wind farm named Gibara 2 under construction in Holguin Cuba

Posted March 14, 2008 by publisher in Cuba Business.


Holguin Cuba - Topographic measurements are underway in the Punta Rasa region to construct the Gibara II Eolic park in the northern coast of the Holguin province.

The new location, fourth on the island, will have capacity to generate 4.5 Megawatts per hour supplied by six Eolic windmills of Goldwind Chinese technology.

The generation units will be supported by 50-meter high towers, slightly lower than the Gibara I, which was recently connected to the National Energy System.

This construction of alternate and ecological energy began at a time when oil is hitting record high prices over 100 dollars per barrel.

Hector Lugo, head of the Distribution Generation of the Electricity Company of Holguin, informed that Gibara II should be in operation this year.

Other Eolic parks are operating in the Turiguano Island, generating 0.45 MW/H, in Ciego de Avila province, and in the special municipality of the Isle of Youth, supplying 1.65 MW.

Gibara I, of Spanish Gamesa technology with six machines of 850 KW, in its first month of functioning delivered more the 980 Megawatts equivalent to 220 tons of fuel oil.

Studies on wind as a source of electric energy confirm the existence of more than 30 regions with a strong Eolic potential, located in the Eastern region.


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On October 13, 2011, jaushe wrote:

this new wind farm put Cuba in the first place among the countries that use clean energy.