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Carlos Lage visits workplaces in Havana - very Presidential?

Posted January 03, 2008 by publisher in Cuba Business.

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Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage Davila started 2008 with a tour of several workplaces in the capital on January 2.
Lage Davila visited the Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital, which even during a major renovation project has continued to provide medical attention. He was accompanied by Pedro Saez Montejo, first secretary of the Communist Party in the capital, and Juan Contino Aslan, president of the Havana Province Parliament.

Lage also spoke with workers at the Abdala Daycare Center, which just reopened. Juan Contino highlighted the progress made in daycare facilities with respect to the year 2003, when some 100 centers had to be closed for repairs in the capital alone.

Contino noted that currently only nine daycare centers remain closed, four of which should reopen this month.

During a visit to an apartment building, Manuel Buron, manager of the “micro-brigades” or special construction crews in the city of Havana, explained that in the last 6 years some 3,000 volunteers on the brigades received homes and spoke of the need to prioritize another 2,500 who have waited more than 10 years for theirs.

Lage insisted that the quality of the construction work should always be a priority, a problem he said lies in the training of the workforce and control mechanisms.

During a visit to the Ministry of Sugar’s vegetable farms, Lage was told that the amount of acreage planted would increase in 2008. Minister Ulises Rosales del Toro informed that to do so there is an experienced workforce, previously dedicated to sugarcane harvesting, and that the farms have received irrigation equipment.

In a visit to the La Victora Cooperative dedicated to goat milk production, Pedro Saez praised the efforts of workers who, along with those on 25 other farms in the area, produce milk for children who cannot drink other types of milk.

The Cuban Vice President also visited the Toledo 2 work and study center where some 300 inmates receive training. Lage praised the effort and stressed the importance given by the penitentiary system to the reinsertion of the individual into society.

Member Comments

On January 03, 2008, publisher wrote:

Hmmm. Seems very “Presidential” doesn’t it.

Interesting that his visits would even get ink unless maybe the Cuban government orchestrated visits and the story.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the next President of Cuba… Carlos Lage.

On January 04, 2008, cubanpete wrote:

Perhaps he could explain to the workers why they are being paid in worthless Moneda Nacional instead of chavitos.