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CNBC Video on Florida to Havana shipping

Posted May 09, 2007 by publisher in Cuba Business.

U.S. trade with Cuba has been embargoed for 45 years. But Crowley Shipping does business with Cuba every week, and has since 2001. Under an exception to the embargo for agricultural products, Crowley sends one ship a week between Florida and Havana. The man who captained the first U.S. vessel in more than 40 years tells us that Cuba is a ripe market for American goods. And the company, which is busily planning for post-embargo Cuba, offers lessons for others that want to follow it there.

Go to Their Ship Has Come In article to watch a three minute CNBC video about the current state and future potential of shipping containers of goods to Cuba. I could not see the video using Firefox so I opened an IE7 window and it worked fine.

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