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Posted March 30, 2006 by publisher in Cuba Business.

We have finished the major redesign of the Havana Journal.

The good news is that we have made the entire site much more user and visitor friendly. We have made it easier for anyone to write for the Havana Journal. Simply go to the Section (Business, Culture, Politics, Travel or Hispanics) and find the “Add your own entry” link at the top of the right hand column. We do not edit any text as long as it is on topic and rational.

We have enhanced our forums and have added a photo gallery with more photos to come.

So, overall it may not look too different but I can assure that we spent a lot of time and money to make the site very stable and built for high traffic and member to member communication.

The bad news is that all your old bookmarks and all the old page URLs are dead. We tried redirects but the search engines were having problems indexing the new site. So, we had to disable all the redirects. We apologize for that inconvenience but we hope you’ll agree that the new Havana Journal is much better.

Please use the email link below to contact us with questions, suggestions and even hate mail.

We welcome all visitors to post comments and articles. Also, feel free to promote your Cuba related web site by adding a link to your comments and/or article.

Rob Sequin


Member Comments

On March 31, 2006, Matt Lawrence wrote:

Hi Rob,

Hoping you can add me somewhere on your site again.

Matt Lawrence, Author
Dying To Get Here: A Story of Coming To America

On March 31, 2006, publisher wrote:

Just keep posting stories and add your URL at the bottom of each entry.

Use the “Add your own entry” link at the top of the right column for the category where you want your article to show up.