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Cuba buying 4,158 electric generators

Posted March 28, 2006 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Cuba Generates More Power

The start up of new groups of power generators in Havana have boosted the energy revolution the island nation is pushing through in search of higher efficiency, energy saving and achieving territorial generation self-suffiency from the national power system.

Experts from the Basic Industry Ministry said the installation of this equipment in Havana makes it the country’s second province after Pinar del Rio with a system that will guarantee best electricity services.

The tasks are part of the Energy Revolution already being extending to Matanzas and Holguin provinces; with the projected goal of having no more power cuts from May 1 on, thus avoiding interruptions in the production of goods and services.

By the planned date, the country is expected to generate one million kilowatts hourly, with another one million kilowatts every hour resulting from energy saving in the state and housing sectors.

The 4,158 generators Cuba acquired -over 3,000 are already in the country- will guarantee a stable power service, thus solving the problems caused by an obsolete, wasteful system.

Member Comments

On March 28, 2006, publisher wrote:

Are these all coming from China?

Can China bring the US and Cuba together?

On October 04, 2007, John Bowles/IESC wrote:

Having lived in Habanafor several years during 1953-54 while working for General Electric—I surveyed many of the electric facilities on the Island including those of the trapiches—Cuba does not need thousands of diesel relatively smal KW capacity—rather Cuba needs a high voltage transmission system running the length of Cuba to which are connected large (300MW+)—the generators should be combined cycle gas turbines with the gas cominf from an underwater pipeline from Mexico’s Yucatan pennisula—The Cienfuego nuclear plant should be surveyed for possible startup and generation receiving fuel from the US—this could happen if emphasize if Cuba would agree to return most/all of the property that was confiscated from US companies—Our Company Woulde be pleased to assist—the initial phase woule be a study of all existing transmission/generation/didtribution systems currentli being operated in Cuba—Thank You John Bowles/IESC

On October 04, 2007, publisher wrote:

A noble gesture but you know Cuba will never “give back” anything.

Great post though, thank you.