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Posted February 23, 2006 by publisher in Cuba Business.

We have finished our complete redesign of the Havana Journal. We have made it easier for you to post your original stories and articles as well as news stories you find interesting. Here are some guidelines about submitting content to the Havana Journal.

1. Always provide a relevant title that will inform and entice visitors to click on the story.

2. Always post three or four paragraphs in the Body area. The remainder of the article can go in the Extended text area.

3. Be sure to select a category.

You will find links to an entry form for each of our Sections (Business, Culture, Politics, Travel and Hispanics) in the right hand column of any Section.

You must be a member and you must be logged in to post a story.

All submissions are reviewed by our staff before going live on the site in order to prevent spam.

We thank you for this contribution to our Community.

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