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Chinese DF7G-C locomotives to service Cuba railroad system

Posted October 04, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Cuba’s transportation sector will receive 12 Chinese-made locomotives, as part of business deals to reactivate that sector in the Caribbean Island.

The DF7G-C locomotives, experts said, will be used to carry cargo and passengers on Cuba’s railroad system.

The 2,500-horse-power engines run on diesel and electricity, and are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

The experts added that due to their weight and rational consumption of fuel, the locomotives meet the requirements of Cuba’s railroad system.

As part of the deal, Chinese engineers, designers and technicians traveled to Cuba to study the requirements of the island’s railroad network, and visited workshops and maintenance facilities.

The locomotives were designed to meet Cuba’s transportation demands, on the basis of the characteristics of the Island’s railroad system.

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