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Pebercan of Canada finds oil off Cuba and will drill for more

Posted June 28, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Business.
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Pebercan Inc., Montreal, plans more drilling on Block 7 along Cuba’s north coast after success at the Seboruco-11 horizontal development well.

The company said the well, 340 m east of Seboruco-10, went to 4,855 m MD and penetrated three successive reservoirs along a total length of 1,440 m. It produced 3,500 b/d of oil on a 48-hr test on a 16-mm choke and was placed on long-term test.

Next for drilling are Seboruco-12 at 340 m east of Seboruco-11 and Seboruco-102 at 400 m west of Seboruco-103, which had found evidence of a new reservoir in early 2005.

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On June 28, 2005, YoungCuban wrote:

If I was Cuba I wouldnt be advertising their findings of oil,never know what greedy nation may want it for themselves!