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Maine Agriculture Commissioner Spear due To leave hospital after Cuba trip

Posted April 19, 2005 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Maine Agriculture Commissioner Robert Spear is leaving a Florida hospital Tuesday after being stricken with an illness while in Cuba earlier this month.

Spear and his wife plan to return to Maine Wednesday. Spear was flown from Havana to Miami on April 8 after being stricken by septic shock while leading an agricultural trade mission.

The Baldacci administration said the trip added two more companies under a $10 million export agreement that was signed in December. The agreement covered exports of Maine apples, potatoes, eggs and maple syrup.

The Maine companies added to the agreement include sardine packer Connors Bumblebee and Robbins Lumber in Searsmont.

Member Comments

On April 19, 2005, publisher wrote:

It should be noted that Mr. Spear developed septic shock while in Cuba but was not the result of his trip to Cuba. He apparently ate something before leaving for Cuba.

The author should make a correction so as not to mislead his readers about the illness and from where it originated.