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Swiss company inaugurates website for sending money to Cuba

Posted December 28, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Swiss AWS Technologies Company has opened a website for sending money to Cuba which, among its competitive advantages offers greater rapidity and efficiency in the service.

The Internet site of the [url=][/url] enterprise highlights that this option for sending remittances to Cuba has a client personalized service and the support of Cuban enterprises with experience and strength in the sector.

Through the network any user can send money to family members and friends on the island by using a credit card. The money is handed over from offices set up in all the country’s provinces and can be drawn in the currency that the beneficiary chooses: U.S. dollars or Cuban convertible pesos.

Clients in Cuba can also use a rechargeable debit card, valid in all commercial and banking outlets operating in hard currency on the island.

According to the [url=][/url] website, which quoted Matthias Zehnder, AWS Technologies executive director, the objective of the enterprise is to consolidate this option as one of the main ways of sending money to Cuba.

Remittances to the island have great potential but have been limited by the restrictions imposed on Cuba by the U.S. government and which also prejudice the companies providing this service.

Transactions via [url=][/url] have exclusive tools for tracking the remittances, thus guaranteeing their security, Zehnder explained. For example, when the on line system is used for the first time, the client must send a faxed copy of his/her passport and a signed letter stating that s/he agrees the payment, as Swiss legislation requires for this type of Internet service.

The Swiss service will operate and bill their Internet clients in euros and is not responsible for the actions of persons in the United States who use this platform to send more than $300 per quarter to their families, or violate any other regulation established in the U.S. blockade legislation against the island.

AWS Technologies is a Swiss company specializing in information technology applications for clients in Latin America, including Cubans.

Member Comments

On December 29, 2004, YoungCuban wrote:

Sounds good but I’ll stick to TransCard as they have always delivered when needed!

You can send ANY amount through Transcard to ANYONE you want!

On January 02, 2005, waldo wrote:

But, could Big Brother be behind and keeping track of remitances to Cuba whatever from Transcard or Swiss company? He obviously does for transactions thru western union. Does anyone knows for sure or can anyone positively garantee that Big Brother does not have an eye or ear on any money website transactions to Cuba?

On February 26, 2005, nico wrote:

Does anyone know how to send money to Cuba using the web with my credit card and still using the transcard for the receiver?
I used Cash2Cuba but apparently they stopped the service.