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US food products for sale in Cuba

Posted December 23, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Javier Machado | Cubanacán Press |

The Cuban government’s retail food network is selling eggs out of cases clearly labeled “Florida produce” at 1.50 pesos each, underselling those who used to resell eggs at 2 pesos in the local underground economy.

The grade A, large eggs come from the Tampa Farm Service, in Dover,
Florida, in cases of 360 each, with an expiration date of February 28,

Recently, the same government food retail establishments have offered
for sale, under the government’s ration card, chicken thighs by Tyson
Foods, of Arkansas, and retail establishments of the La Cadena chain have
offered chicken at 23 pesos a pound, non-rationed price, and ground
beef from Peco Foods.

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