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US food and medicine products in demand in Cuba - List by Navarretta Group

Posted November 29, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Hot Products List: U.S. Products In High Demand In The Cuban Market

U.S. companies are permitted by law to export products in the areas of food and medical goods and products

Food: Agriculture, all other foods and food supplements (for both people and animals), livestock and animal reproductive systems (embryos and semen), beverages, wines, spirits, tobacco, wood, and wood products
Medical: Vitamins, medicines (prescription and over-the-counters), medical supplies, devices, equipments and instruments including equipped ambulances, institutional washing machines for sterilization, as well as other health care products.

The Cuban market holds a strong demand for various U.S. food products ranging from agricultural goods and other commodities, finished products, specialty items and even some luxury goods. In the medical area, competetively priced supplies, devices, and equipment common to hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies are in great demand, as well as general health care items.

Some specific needs that are currently undermet are as follows:
Pork: Recently approved for export and a common staple in the Cuban diet, various cuts of pork from the U.S. are now in high demand
Snack Foods: Low cost snack items such as packaged cakes, cookies, candies, and chips have great potential
Medical Equipment: Many major hospitals and medical institutions in Havana and the surrounding region have recently completed major renovations. The next phase is a comprehensive upgrade of hospital equipment.
Dental Supplies: Cuba is currently aggressively seeking to pursue upgrades in the dental industry, in both supplies and equipments.

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