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New Currency Exchange Houses Open for Convertible Peso

Posted November 22, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Business.


A new exchange house, the largest of its kind in the country, opened in Havana, as part of authorities’ strategy to expand that service.

The facility, located in Old Havana, offers 10 windows where transactions can be made in Cuban convertible pesos, euros, Canadian dollars, US dollars, pounds sterling, Swiss francs and Mexican pesos.

In addition, it will be the only facility of its kind where people can exchange Japanese yens, since up until this moment those transactions could only be carried out in some banks.

The exchange house will also have three cash dispensers that will function around the clock to allow people to withdraw cash using credit cards.

There are 291 exchange houses in Cuba to make transactions easier for the population and contribute to replacing the US dollar for convertible pesos, which is the currency that is circulating in the country.

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On November 23, 2004, waldo Parravicini wrote:

Another win in the battle of ideas.