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Maine potato growers plan trip to Cuba to explore sales

Posted November 20, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Bangor Daily News

Some Aroostook County Maine potato growers may get involved, through a Canadian intermediary, in a fact-finding mission to Cuba later this winter.

There is some interest in Cuba about acquiring Maine potato seed, according to Don Flannery, executive director of the Maine Potato Board.

Flannery said Wednesday that a Canadian dealing in exports to Cuba has made contacts in Aroostook County.

There was also a meeting last year of some growers with Cubans in Canada, Flannery said.

“He’s [a Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, man] interested in having growers go with a group from Canada,” Flannery said at the monthly meeting of the Maine Potato Board. “He knows the logistics of exporting to Cuba, and he would like some of us to go along.”

The group, according to Flannery, could include Maine’s commissioner of agriculture and seed growers from Aroostook County.

The trade mission is expected to be going to Cuba on Dec. 11. He expected that four people from Maine would be included in the trade mission. The group will be traveling through Montreal to make the trip.

“We’ve got to look at new markets,” Flannery said. “Seed from Canada and Europe is now sold in Cuba.

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained,” he said.

He said seed from Holland is expensive to get to Cuba, and that could give Maine growers a niche. He said Maine potatoes could be exported to Cuba through Canada.

Member Comments

On November 21, 2004, waldo Parravicini wrote:

Maine Si, Cuba Yes.

On November 22, 2004, Jose Reyes wrote:

Go ahead Maine Potato growers, send the potato seeds to Cuba so when the Canadians and the European tourists go to the vacation resorts in Cuba(where the Cuban citizens are NOT allowed) they can eat French Fries with their hearty meals. Meanwhile, the Cuban people would have to ration the potatoes monthly and who knows how and with what oil they will fry them. Castro No!Castro Nunca!
Checkout my “Blacklisted Websites” on my website [url=][/url] , feel free to write to me. Thank You, Jose Reyes

On November 22, 2004, Indio Fonseca wrote:

And why do you suppose there is severe rationing?
It wouldn’t have to do anything with the economic warfare waged by the U.S. would it?

Of course not.  It’ all Castro’ fault for some inexplicable reason. 

Viva la Revolucion!

On November 22, 2004, waldo Parravicini wrote:

In Cuba there has not been potato rationing for years, on the contrary there is plenty of red small and round cuban varaity available to all, very tasty, very cheap and for cuban pesos. Besides french fries is not part of the Cuban culture, they boiled and smash it which uses very little oil and is a lot healthier than fry. Besides cooking oil is now been supplied to Havana by a bussiness group from Southern Florida. The Maine seeds are in preparation for when the cruel, unilateral, counterproductive and failed US bloqueo is lifted and Cuba is flooded by US visitors that may be asking for their “French” fries. And Castro still there and still is: ‘The Comandante’.

On November 23, 2004, Jose Reyes wrote:

Hey Waldo,
    What planet do you come from? What are the Cuban people going to eat with the crush potato. Lets here it from the Cuban people themselves, I want to hear their reaction on the subject of food and nutrition overall in Cuba and I mean the last 40 years. Where do you live? I hope you’re Cuban because if you’re not, then you should stay out of this coversation, my friend.
Hey Indio,
    Why do you blame the United States for? Where do you live? Let me converse with a Cuban that lives in Cuba and why don’t you leave your email address so everyone would know it.The revolution? What revolution? Its a military dictatorship, that’ all it is. There is no freedom in Cuba, I want to hear from a Cuban, who lives there,let the Cuban citizens go online and give everybody in the world, their real opinion, stop talking for them. You’re full of it! Who do you work for?
    Give me your real name, Let Cuba be free, let them speak out. Jose Reyes

On November 23, 2004, waldo Parravicini wrote:


On November 23, 2004, Jose Reyes wrote:

No Waldo,
  I’m not a Batista freak, he was a military dictator also. Cuba needs a democracy like here in the USA. Why don’t you read my article that I wrote on [url=][/url] , the name of the article is: “Batista the Mafioso and Castro the Pimp”.
Thank You, Jose Reyes

On November 24, 2004, waldo Parravicini wrote:

A democracy like here where the people can not directly elect the President and the Vice Presidentor and where one family has 20 million dollars while 20 million families have one dollar, and where 45 million people have no medical insurance and where 25 million live under the poverty line? Or do you mean cut throath Capitalism?

On November 25, 2004, Jose Reyes wrote:

Waldo, Waldo, Waldo, we don’t have to continue going back and forth, you aren’t making any sense and I have nothing against you, personally. You see we are human beings with feeling,ideas and opinions about everything and anything. In a democracy you have the “Freedom” to express your feelings, like we are doing here, now and the last few days, but in Cuba the unfortunate Cuban people have no “Freedom” to express their feelings, ideas and opinions because Castro’ regime does not allow them to. Do you think that’ alright?, or let me ask you this way, do you think it’ “Normal”? How would you feel? The Cuban people can’t go to the internet because Castro doesn’t allow them to, unless they visit the government websites, where Castro’ false propaganda machine “Brain Washes” them, with false promises. I can go on and on, do you want me to? No hard feelings Waldo, I have nothing against you, Jose Reyes

On November 25, 2004, waldo Parravicini wrote:

Evidently you are for the one family with the $20 millions, while I am for the 20 million families with one dollar. This is what Capitalism calls freedom.

On November 25, 2004, Jose Reyes wrote:

Waldo you’re just a robot, programed to say whatever they tell you to say, I asked you so many questions and you haven’t answered any yet. Your mind is wasting away. Until you answer the questions I asked you, then we will be having a true conversation. Here’ your last chance to answer a question.
What country do you Live in?? What does Freedom mean to you?
Just 2 questions for you to answer, do you think you can?
Jose Reyes

On November 25, 2004, waldo wrote:


On November 26, 2004, Jose Reyes wrote:

Ok Waldo, good luck and you can email me whenever you feel like it. Too bad we couldn’t settle anything, maybe in the future we can talk again. I don’t have anything against you. Take care, Jose Reyes