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Vermont to sell $6,000,000 worth of powdered milk to Cuba

Posted November 18, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Associated Press

Vermont Agriculture Secretary Steve Kerr says he has completed a deal to sell $6,000,000 in powdered milk to Cuba.

Cuba has agreed to purchase powdered milk through DairyAmerica, a California-based marketing cooperative. Part of the order would come from the Saint Albans Co-op and Agri-Mark, Vermont’s two major dairy cooperatives.

Kerr, who returned last week from Cuba, expects the state will sign a contract for the milk next month.

He also says he is close to working out a deal to sell about 40-thousand dollars worth of apples to the island nation.

Last month Cuba signed a deal to buy 100 registered cows from Vermont.
Kerr expects Cuban inspectors to visit Vermont next month.

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