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Havana police confiscate unlicensed pedicabs

Posted November 09, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Richard Rosello |

Havana police have confiscated around 600 pedicabs in the last month, forcing their operators and others into the ranks of the unemployed.

Most of the confiscated pedicabs and their operators lack the required
licenses to either work as self-employed operators, or to operate a
pedicab. Most of them complain the government refuses to issue the
licenses, in spite of the need for transportation the pedicabs meet.

The operators say they must engage in the trade just to make ends meet.

“My salary as a mosquito control inspector is not enough. At the end of
the day, I rent a pedicab from my neighbor for 30 pesos and go out at
night to maintain my three sons,” said a man who only gave his name as
Lázaro, and said he had gone abroad three times to fight in Cuba’s
military ventures of years past.

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