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Cuban agriculture expands pineapple production across Cuba

Posted September 01, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Business.


Cuban authorities are expanding pineapple crops in all 14 provinces of the country, as part of a program aimed at diversifying production in the agricultural sector.

The so-called queen of fruits is being cultivated from Pinar del Río to Guantánamo, thus meeting the demand from the tourism sector, the domestic market and the food-processing industry.

The most common variety is the so-called Red Spanish, which has an exquisite flavor and is more resistant to plagues, diseases and drought.

Another species is the Flat Cayenne, which has few thorns and is more productive in the industry due to its bigger size and cylindrical shape.

Pineapple crops are developed by both state-owned companies and cooperative farms where the staff has great experience to cultivate the fruit.

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I will arrive in Coba on november to take part in
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please tell me about cuba importable and exportable goods.(especial agricultural machinery & products)

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