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Vermont Ag secretary Kerr to visit Cuba next week to work on export

Posted August 31, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Business.


Vermont’s agriculture secretary is working on a deal to export the state’s agricultural products to Cuba.

Secretary Steve Kerr will travel to the island next week to meet with Cuban officials.

The trip follows a trade mission to Havana by Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie in April.

Dubie returned with letters of intent signed by officials in the Cuban government to buy apples, dried milk and cows from Vermont.

Kerr says he hopes to have signed contracts for the exports when he returns.

Food, agricultural commodities and medical supplies are the only products exempt from a 40-year-old law that bans US trade with the communist nation.

Member Comments

On August 31, 2004, Jesus Perez wrote:

It would be interesting to know what impressions officials like Mr. Kerr have when they come back from Cuba. Do they see a country that is portrayed as a danger to our national security or do they see a country trying to stay alive and independent after more than 40 years of this cruel embargo?