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New Citrus Harvest in Western Cuba

Posted August 23, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Business.


The Empresa de Cítricos de Jagüey Grande, in western Matanzas province, is putting the finishing touches to the upcoming citrus harvest.

Producers expect an output of 500,000 tons of fruit this year, thus achieving the second best harvest in the company’s history.

According to experts, 70 percent of the produce will go to the industry for processing, while the rest will meet the demand from the tourism sector and the domestic market, and will be exported as fresh fruit to Europe and Japan.

The first recollection phase will focus on white, pink and red grapefruit, 225,000 tons of which will be picked up, 60,000 tons more than during the previous harvest.

Part of the company’s staff will recollect orange. The harvest will involve experts working in the rest of the production chain, including agricultural machinery, transportation, processing plants, and shipping in the port of Cienfuegos.

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