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Playas del Este businesses close during “electrical emergency”

Posted August 14, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Reinaldo Cosano Alen | [url=][/url]

Employees of several hotels, restaurants and other businesses in Guanabo, a beach resort town east of Havana, have been sent home on full pay during the ongoing “electrical emergency,” the shutdown for repairs of the largest power plant in the country.

Administrators told the furloughed employees that the closings were being implemented across the island and would affect all kinds of businesses, but would only be temporary.

The “Antonio Guiteras” power plant in Matanzas province, the largest
and most efficient such plant in Cuba, is currently off the grid due to
what has been described by authorities as a “serious breakdown.”

The business closings were decreed as a measure to reduce demand for

In Guanabo, the hotel “Gran V�a,” an attached restaurant and disco, and
a nearby cabaret, were involved in the closings.

Employees said even though they were still being paid their salaries,
they are missing out on tips, which they say make up a considerable part
of their income.

“I hope the breakdown does not extend beyond September,” said one
employee mournfully.

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