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Cuba Cellular phones to become available in pesos

Posted March 27, 2004 by publisher in Cuba Business.

By Ernesto Roque | [url=][/url]

HAVANA - The Cuban Telephone Company plans to offer cellular telephone service later this year with payments made in pesos rather than dollars, as has been the policy to date, according to well-informed sources.

For a monthly payment of 50 pesos - slightly less than US$2 -
subscribers will be able to make up to 200 minutes of local calls.

Priority will be given to workers in the Education and Public Health

Communications minister Ignacio Rodríguez has said there are 6.37
telephones for every 100 residents and he hopes to increase the figure to
20. currently there are parts of Cuba with no telephone service.

The telephone company is jointly owned with Italian investors.

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